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Fun things to do at The mall of America

The enthralling Mall of America is the largest shopping and entertainment center in the US and is one of the most visited tourist attractions. The reason it is so famous is that it boasts more than 520 shopping outlets and 60 restaurants with other exciting and attractive options like sea life aquarium, gaming region and mini-golf course too. All of this in one gigantic mall! It is so big in size that it will take you more than 3 days to check out the entire mall and all the shopping outlets. Isn’t it crazy? A visit to this mall is a must and we bet, you will step out with hell lot of shopping bags and delightful memories.

Here’s a list of things you can at the Mall of America other than just shop. Check out!


The nickelodeon universe is a seven-acre space in the middle of the mall. It is basically a theme park with so many exciting things to do. Yes, the Mall of America has an inbuilt amusement park! For all those who visit with their kids, this one is definitely a rescue while you go on shopping errands. It features around 27 rides and roller-coasters for all age groups. Children and adults both can have their share of fun at this theme park. To give the feel of a real park, this one is surrounded by landscapes and gardens. You can go on the Dutchman’s deck adventure course and SpongeBob theme coaster for ultimate fun.



With other regular rides in the amusement park, the mall also offers a 4-d simulation ride. You experience a lifelike ride on this one. It uses the latest technology to simulate the flight and it thrills you to the core. With adrenaline rush all over the body, you won’t forget this one. It takes you over the artificial Niagra falls and between the pine trees for the real feel of nature. You’ll have a really enthralling ride on this one. It costs around 18$ for adults and 15$ for kids.



The mall also features a mini-golf center with a panoramic view. Those who don’t want to go shopping or playing at the theme park can make their way through the golf adventure course. This place is usually crowded and you might have to wait for a long time. But it is totally worth the wait! Because the golf course is also not an ordinary game center. It is based on a real theme of old times wild west mountains. This Moose Mountain Adventure golf totally does justice to its name.



this one is only for adults. Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy is your ultimate place to pump up your blood with all the giggles. It hosts various stand-up comedy shoes for your entertainment. These are live shows by professional comedians and they’re just so good that you’re going to laugh your lungs out! You can order food, pick a glass of brew and roll on the floor laughing in this live comedy show. There is just so much fun this mall has to offer and this being the best one out of the lot!



After all that you’ve done at the theme park or the golf course, last but not least, don’t forget to taste the delicious treats from this place. One of the best places to taste the treats is America’s dairyland that offers one of the best sample treats for your sweet tooth. With so many different colors and shapes in candies, chocolates, gelato; there is no chance of not gulping more than you want to. Other places include Doc popcorn and Vomfass which are also a must-visit.



If you’re visiting the mall with your friends or family, you should not miss this place. The Scavenger hunt is a very exciting and adventurous option. Book your tickets in advance for the entire group and indulge in a real-life treasure hunt kind of game. This is hosted by Dick’s Last Resort for a group of twenty or more persons. It is an absolutely crazy thing to do in the mall and you’ll remember it forever. Happy hunting!

The Mall of America has so much to do and we have listed very little. Once you enter the mall, you won’t come out before dusk. HAVE AN INDELIBLE EXPERIENCE!

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