Famous Red Light Areas In Europe

Famous Red Light Areas In Europe

Amidst the historical monuments and natural beauty, Europe has many hidden stories to tell. One of them is the underbelly places where the neon lights attract visitors to take a peep inside. There are people who may visit the area knowingly while there must be others who have passed by without much knowledge.

If you are in Europe and wish to know about some of the most happening red light areas, here is a short look.

Reeperbahn in Hamburg

This is one such red light area in the German city that strictly does not allow women and minors to enter the area. The reason is quite clear that the areas are appropriate for kids and also people might misunderstand normal women to be one of those sex workers. The place is filled with strip clubs, bars and also something called sex theaters. The place is also known to be a drunkard’s paradise.

Schipperskwartier in Antwerp

Though prostitution is legalized in this area, this particular area can be still said to be a safe one for those who just wish to take a troll in the area. This is also a great place for people who wish to have a happening bachelor’s party. Do you wish to enjoy your nightlife without any other trouble? Again, the bars and clubs located here can offer you a perfect option.

Pigalle in Paris

Paris has been always known as the place of romance and this can be even reflected in the red light areas of the place. Pigalle depicts a romantic place that is actually a center of sex shops, brothels and other options. There are also various night clubs in the nearby neighborhood and hence many travelers can enter this area by mistake. It is not quite safe here if you do not have such a motto and hence it is better to get out of it after you have realized it.

De Wallen In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most happening places in the world due to its party life as well as its red light area De Wallen. The main attraction here is the sex windows where the girls remain displayed. Apart from this, there are coffee shops, hip clubs and many more to provide a range of entertainment to those who are interested in the service.

You will find red light areas in almost most of the countries today. If you wish to have a trip to the best options in Europe, above are some of the places that you can go for.

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