Facts you need to know before traveling to Poland

Facts you need to know before traveling to Poland

Poland is a gorgeous country and the people of Poland are even more friendly. There is nothing that you won’t love about his destination. But every place has some rules and regulations of its own that one must abide by, in order to have a smooth trip. So, here are some facts that you should know about Poland to make your experience smooth and faux pas-free.

It’s not as cold as you think

You might feel that since Poland is located in the transitional zone between oceanic and continental climates, it would be super cold. But that is not really the case, Poland does experience cold winters but they are bearable. you don’t have to imagine an endless amount of cold weather in Poland just because of its location. Yes, it is true that Poland hs some really cold winters with quietness on the streets but it also has extremely hot summers. It is just like any other country striking a balance between cold and hot weather perfectly. Poland is not located in the north pole so you are going to have a pleasant stay there with just the right amount of cold and hot weather as your body is equipped with. Pack clothing in accordance with the weather that you are traveling and save yourself from it.

A kiss on the hand is a greeting

This is actually a sweet gesture is most of the countries and Poland does not lang behind in the same. If you are meeting a local for the first time in a fun surrounding like for lunch or some party occasion, then this introduction might lead to a kiss on the hand. So, do not panic and do not feel embarrassed because this old school greeting is still prevalent in Poland. Many older men still equate it with a sign of gallantry and respect so they might just kiss your hand outrightly. On the other hand, the younger generation will just go for a handshake or a kiss on the cheek if they know you already. Another interesting fact is that three kisses are reserved for family gatherings.

Polish Hospitality is another level

If you are in Poland, you should know that the people there are very friendly and sweet in their behavior. They would put in a lot of effort literally to make you feel at home. This is because of the famous Polish proverb that says, ‘Guest in the house brings God to the house.’ Because of this ideology, Polish people consider your visit heavenly in their house. Their hospitality is simply another level and that is why they will leave no stone unturned to make you feel happy and contented. If you are visiting a Polish home, you should know that they will surely offer you uncomfortable amounts of food. This is done out of hospitality and love so that you are fully contented. No matter how full you might be just after the first serving, you should always accept the second helping. This will light up their faces with joy.

Do not order Tea with milk

The terms of eating and drinking are a bit different in Poland. they are unique and interesting and this one here is the perfect example of the same. If you are fond of drinking tea with milk which is for sure, then you would have to answer some questions about it in Poland. The people in Poland reserve milk for coffee and cereals. It is not in their natural habitat to drink tea with milk so if you want to, you would definitely turn some eyes around and raise some questions about it. This is the British way of drinking tea with milk and this might make you talk of the town. So, if you want to avoid that, try drinking tea the polish style while you are in Poland, that is, with lemon!

It is illegal to drink on the streets

While traveling to Poland, you should know that it is absolutely illegal to drink alcohol on the streets, This is a part of their customs and traditions that they believe drinking on the streets to be offensive. There are so many ways to cope with this one. You can simply drink in the hotel room or privately instead of showcasing this act to the world. Avoid drinking on the streets because if by any chance, police spots you, you will be eligible for heavy fines. This offensive act can lead to imprisonment as well. Make your trip to Poland trouble-free by abiding by the rules.

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