Facts you didn’t know about Niagara Fall

Facts you didn’t know about Niagara Fall

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations since forever and we all agree. Straddling between the Canadian and US border, Niagara Falls are bliss to watch. It experiences a lot of local visitors as well as tourists from around the world throughout the year. Going to Canada or the US calls for an unmissable obligatory trip to this gorgeous attraction and if you don’t, you would be missing out on a lot of things. If you think Niagara is overhyped, we must tell you that there are a lot of things you don’t know about it yet. Whether it is the jet boat view of the Niagara Falls or exploring the local theme park, Niagara Falls is more than you think. There is a lot of fun and exhilarating experiences at the Niagara but before that, you must know some fun hidden facts about it.
We have listed some of the most stunning facts about Niagara that we bet you didn’t know. After knowing about them, you are sure to pack your bags to explore this beauty!

A collection of Three Waterfalls

For all those who thought Niagara is just one big waterfall, well here is the surprise! The Niagara Falls is a composition of three different waterfalls that have come together to make one big Niagara. These three waterfalls namely- American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Canadian or the Horseshoe Falls stretch from left to right. We’re so sure you didn’t know this because the majority of the people come to know about this after they have been to Niagara. Niagara is just one collective name given to the amalgamation of these three waterfalls, out of which the Horseshoe falls is the longest and the tallest as well.

Horseshoe Falls- Longest and Tallest

As we said before, out of the three falls the Horseshoe falls is the tallest as well as the longest one. The length of this fall is about 2600 feet which is like 400 times an average human height. They are so gigantic that you will be thrilled by the sight of it. The other two falls are also quite thrilling and the three of them make up for a great sightseeing attraction. So, if you have a zeal for adventure and exploring new sights, this one is your place to be. Niagara is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world. So, get ready to check this off your bucket list.

History of 10,000 Years

After the last Ice Age, around 12000 years ago, landscapes and rivers came into existence. Before that, it was just pure ice and nothing else. But when these river melodies came into sight, that’s when this beautiful Niagara Fall came into sight and has been standing tall since. Fist the Niagara river came into being and slowly, the Niagara falls were born. There is this historic feel to it. And when you stand there gazing at it from a distance, you will see how gigantic they are, standing in all their might. How interesting is this now?


Why the names?

The three different waterfalls that make up for one giant Niagara- American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls are named like that for a reason. All of them have their own reasons behind it and shoe some specific traits. The American falls are named like that because it is adjacent to the US border and Horseshoe or The Canadian falls are named like that because it is close to the Canadian border. The Bridal Veil falls, as the name suggests, have a strong resemblance with the veil of a bride. They are just as gorgeous as a bridal vein and so the name! Fun facts, isn’t it?

Hydroelectric Power


Niagara falls feature the largest Hydroelectric power facility in the western world and produce electricity of around 2.4 gigawatts. There are a lot of hydropower plants in and around Niagara that serves this purpose and produce electricity for the US as well as Canada. This feature is just so amazing that you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. As many as 30 million visitors are spotted at Niagara every year to have a close look at the Niagara. We are sure you don’t want to miss out on it too!

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