Exploring the 6 most beautiful attractions in Los Angeles

Exploring the 6 most beautiful attractions in Los Angeles

Whenever you think of visiting America, LA is one of the cities one must plan to visit. Los Angeles is a sprawling South Californian city and is the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Students across the globe come here to study film making in its famous film school.
Another thing it has always been famous for is its Nightlife. It is a thing L.A knows how to do really well.
It has an exhaustive array of things to do. With a vast number of options, one may find it as a bewildering task to decide from where to start and what to fit in.


Grand Central Market

As a nice place to begin an adventure in the Downtown L.A, one can mark its beginning from its Grand Central Market. It has occupied the ground floor of the landmark Homer Laughlin Building since 1917. This is the largest and oldest public market in the city. It also serves as a trendy dining destination for visitors. As foodie heaven, the venue features high ceilings and an open layout, vendor stalls offering different cuisines representing numerous cultures of L.A and the areas beyond. The market’s lively atmosphere makes LA’s diversity shines.


The Getty Centre

If you are a person who loves to see and explore great architecture, then this place is the one for you. It contains one of the finest works of art and has one of the most impressive architecture in the world. It takes around 2 hours to half a day to explore the place. Here you’ll find Renaissance paintings, Baroque sculptures, historic manuscripts, American photography and many more things. It is located north of Santa Monica near the UCLA campus. It also offers spectacular views of the city on clear days and has a stunning central garden.


Universal Studios Hollywood

If you need to get an ultimate Hollywood experience, you can find it in the Universal Studio of LA. It is a hillside theme park that offers some worthwhile thrills with silver screen memories and a touch of Hollywood glamour. It is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. The most recent addition in the start theme park attraction in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A tour around the studio encompasses diverse backlog sets of New York, a mutt of European Villages, the Old West and familiar movie landmarks. A stroll down the City Walk- a loud, colorful and confined pedestrian street makes its way to Universal Studios.


Griffith Observatory

It is a public observatory owned and operated by the city of Los Angeles. The admission to the observatory is free and is located on Mount Hollywood. You can get impressive and fascinating views of the surrounding area. The observatory offers a planetarium, exhibits, public telescopes and much more. A gift shop and café can be found on the site as well. There’s the popular Hall of the Sky and Hall of the Eye, the most perfect combination of complementary displays.


Venice Beach

Developed in the early 20th century, it is modeled after its namesake city in Italy. Venice Beach is famous for its boardwalk. The board of walk never fails to impress the tourists. The visitors love to check out the area’s unique scene. It has been known as the Bohemian epicenter of California as it gets plenty of mainstream tourists. You can also grab a bite at the local Figtree’s Café and browse the books at Small World Books.


Walt Disney Concert Hall

As reflected by its name, there is nothing cartoonish about the concert hall and is the crown jewel of the music center. The auditorium has an open platform stage and has some of the finest acoustics you will find anywhere. The mind behind the whole concept is of Frank Gehry. It offers a varied amount of concerts and performances throughout the year.

There is much more attraction you can choose according to your taste but these are the ones which you can’t afford to miss.

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