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Explore London like never before!

The dream city of London is one of the first choices when someone plans to visit England. One of the obvious reasons for this priority is that London has always been a royal destination. The vibe is contagious, the buildings are gothic and the city is truly mesmerizing. If you are in London, chances are that you would never want to leave this place. The iconic beauty of this capital city will grab you by the heart. The hush sounds of River Thames and the London Eye in the backdrop, it has the perfect picturesque views. Look out for these incredible attractions in London and explore it like never before!

Buckingham Palace

The most gorgeous attraction in London! Buckingham Palace is a symbol of royalty and prestigious. It is one of the most incredible buildings in the UK and there is no doubt about it. If you want to give a headstart to your London trip, then this is the perfect place to be. Standing tall in all its glory since 1837, this has been the residence of the royal family since ever. Home to the most prestigious gardens and events ever held, this sight will grab you by the heart. Ever since Queen Victoria came into power, this one has been an epitome of royalty. You can take a tour of this structure and spot the guard dressed in a red uniform. They are equivalent to structures because no matter what happens, they remain expressionless. This is a major highlight of this place. Marching retreat takes place at a particular time of the day which is a treat to the eyes.


London Eye

The most iconic Ferris wheel in the world, this one is a must-visit. It was designed in the year 2000 to mark the millennium celebrations of London and later on, became one of the most loved attractions here. You can spot it from a distance shining bright during the night time with the perfect illumination. Standing over River Thames, the London Eye is one of the foremost attractions here. The wheel goes up to a height of 443 feet and you can experience something enthralling if you take this ride. If you are looking for something adventurous and fun-filled, then this is your definite pick. With splendid views of the city from the top, this barrel will be one of the wisest choices that you will make in London.


Madame Tussauds
One of the best places to visit in London is this Madame Tussauds museum. It is filled with a lot of attractions that are worth seeing. This museum is a unique one because it features life-like wax structures of renowned celebrities as well as movie and cartoon characters. This unique feature makes it a fun-filled place and is an entertainment booth for everyone. You will spot some incredible work here and also some interactive areas where your favorite characters come to life. An incredible wax museum in London, this one deserves your time and money for sure. You will not regret going to this place as it has a very unique vibe to it. Click a lot of pictures and have a great day spent here.


The Big Ben

How can you visit London and not visit the iconic Big Ben? The first attraction you think about when you visit London is Big Ben because it is an identification and signature site of London. Skylining at a height of 97 meters, this tower flaunts a giant clock on the top which looks legendary. This iconic clock is known as a time signal of BBC radio and shows the perfect time throughout. If you are seeing this one, there are chances that you are gazing at it in awe from a distance. Big Ben has always been a landmark structure here and thus, it deserves your visit at least once. Click a lot of pictures and remember this one for the rest of your life.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is another gem in this city and is one of the most famous areas in London. This iconic site has been a symbol of beauty since the 7th century and has been a point of interest for burials and coronation. Today, it is a great place for weddings and auspicious ceremonies as well. The structure of this building is commendable and the work is so intricate that you will dwell into its beauty. This one is a must-visit attraction for everyone who visits London because its beauty is truly astonishing. A grand place for Royal weddings, you will spot a lot of tourists as well as localities here.

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