Experience The Best of  Krabi – 5 Enchanting Things To Do In Krabi

Experience The Best of Krabi – 5 Enchanting Things To Do In Krabi

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Thailand’s tourism industry is booming. This probably makes Thailand the ultimate touring destination. “Why so?”, you may wonder. This is because of Thailand’s pristine and undisturbed beach, mountain and rainforest ecosystems.

To see natural beauty in this mechanical and increasingly polluting world is a sight for sore eyes. Many people flock to Thailand and Indonesia to enjoy the serenity and purity of its beaches, jungles, islands, and mountains. But it would not be wrong to say that as of late, due to the increased tourist population in Indonesia and Thailand, the countries’ natural habitats are slowly undergoing stress causing disruption.

The stress is mainly due to the disturbance of these ecosystems by tourists, thus causing disruption. Lately, Maya Bay (of ‘The Beach’ movie fame), an island southeast of Bali, was closed to tourists to help reinvigorate the disrupted ecosystem. Apparently, the intrusion by tourists had affected the coral reefs causing a decline.

The biggest problem with touring Thailand and Indonesia are the increased tourist hordes. This means longer queues, noise, and crowds everywhere you go. This takes away the peace and quiet that you initially expected from the whole trip.

So what can be done? Where can we go to enjoy a peaceful holiday? Is there any place in Thailand and Indonesia with lesser crowds of tourists? Yes is the answer to all these question which are running into your mind.

Welcome to Krabi, a town located on the west coast of Southern Thailand. Krabi is relatively less popular than other parts of Thailand. But that does not save this town from tourist infestation. Reports state that the tourism industry there is slowly reaching up.

But fear not for the specialty of Krabi is that there are ways to avoid the crowds and spend your holiday at Krabi’s hidden gems. Below are a few ‘low crowd’ zones to visit at Krabi and stuff that you can’t miss out there:

1.    Ao Nang Beach and kayaking

It is the highlight of Krabi. Ao Nang beach is a relatively small beach with lots of shops, hotels, and cafes. It has one of the most scenic views in Krabi. Now there are chances that the beach may be crowded during the afternoon. So to avoid crowds, head to the beach in the morning. Another way to enjoy a crowd-free vacation there is by renting a kayak and visiting the local islands or other beaches. But kayaking is at the risk of the user. So remember to stay responsible, safe and always wear your life jacket. Do not try to stand on the kayak!

2. Monkey Forest Trail

The Monkey Forest Trail connects Ao Nang Beach and Centara Grand Beach. It is a really adventurous activity to indulge in, provided that one remembers not to taunt or feed the monkeys. The monkeys are wild and could attack you. Try not to carry any food. But the experience is truly one of a kind!

3.    Tonsai

Tonsai Beach is practically not much crowded!! It is the most amazing spot to spend your vacation in peace. It is also the best place for rock climbing and kayaking. Tonsai beach is not very apt for swimming or diving due to the rocky seabed and low tide. But one can still make the best of this beach by beating the crowd.

4. Chicken Island

This is a small rock island which has a rock formation shaped like a chicken head (hence its name). This is an amazing place for snorkeling.

5. Thai Food

When in Thailand, never miss out on the most authentic Thai street food! Krabi is the best place to taste chicken, fish and coconut dishes!

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