Exhilarating things to do in Canada

Exhilarating things to do in Canada

Canada is much more than just a land boasting of brutally cold winters, maple syrup, and ice hockey, there’s so much more to this country than meets the eye. Other than the great mountains, rugged coastline, and breathtaking landscapes, Canada also hosts a series of cool and usual things that offer a different perspective of the country. While it’s all fun and cool to explore the amazing cities and towns for their wonderful attractions and highlights, if you want to enjoy this country past these cities, there are quite a lot of extreme activities to partake in that will certainly make your trip more adventuresome and worthwhile.

The best thing about these activities is they walk you through Canada’s lush forests, rushing rivers, beautiful lakes, and soaring mountains, giving you the best of both worlds- adventure and nature. In addition to the adventures in the jungles or waters of Canada, there are also some urban adventures to test your gutsiness. If you are up for this kind of adventure in Canada, make sure to go through the article below where we have listed some of the most extreme things you can do in this country.


CN Tower edgewalk

Have you ever experienced walking outside the building? No, we are not talking about doing it on the ground but doing it high up in the air, it already sounds quite intimidating yet exhilarating right? CN Tower’s edgewalk is one of the iconic and most thrilling attractions in the whole of Canada. The interested participants get a chance to encircle the building, which is the world’s highest hands-free walk. This activity can feel both scary and electrifying at the same time, and it lasts for about 90 minutes where you can lean back or over the side to get a fabulous view of Toronto.


Walk the West Coast Trail

For those seeking the ever so amazing combination of adventure and bountiful nature, walking the West Coast Trail is one of the best kinds of adventure activities you can indulge in. Boasting of gorgeous landscapes throughout the trail, the West Coast Trail winds through a series of varied spots, including forests, sandy shoreline, up and down ladders, and much more. This 47-miles-long trek can be quite demanding and require a lot of physical strength and stamina, therefore, pack and plan everything accordingly.


Dive into the whale infested water

Canada gives you a myriad of opportunities to spot whales in some of the most popular spots in the country. While most people choose to spot them from the comfort of a ferry or smaller zodiac, for those seeking to experience an adrenaline rush, diving into the whales infested water is how you can make the entire experience more electrifying and exhilarating. You can swim along with these gigantic beasts, and that certainly is a one-of-a-kind experience, which will always remain an unforgettable one.


Stay at the ice hotel in Quebec

Have you ever gawked at a marvelous building just to admire its architectural engineering? We are sure you would have come across plenty of such breathtaking buildings but none of them would be anything like the one we have mentioned here, and i.e., an ice hotel in Quebec. It is a hotel in Quebec, which is made using real ice. While the idea behind this might sound crazy to some, it’s also worth noting that staying at this hotel can be an incredible experience. You will feel all kinds of romantic and cozy vibes sleeping in a hotel room, also, the temperature here can range somewhere between -3 to -5 degrees Celsius.


Ride the wild waves in the Bay of Fundy

If being on the water is something that always excites you and boosts your spirits, you might want to try this adventuresome and exhilarating activity, which involves riding the wild waves in the Bay of Fundy. Tidal bore surfing is one of the most popular activities to do in Canada. This amazing phenomenon is caused by the world’s highest Bay of Fundy tides. If you are one of those brave souls who have got some serious courage to partake in this extremely wild activity, surfing the tidal bore would satiate your hunger for mind-boggling and galvanizing adventure.

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