Everything you need to know about Disney’s Fastpass+

Everything you need to know about Disney’s Fastpass+

Scattered over an area of 40 square miles, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a power-packed entertainment center that offers the most thrilling experience ever. If you visit Disney World even once, you won’t be able to resist going back again and again. With so much thrill to experience, fun and frolic vibes in the air and charming cartoon characters in your sight, this place is one of the most loved and visited places in the US. Every year millions of people actually plan a trip to Disney World and that is why Disney land has created a Fastpass+ for all its visitors. With this Fastpass+, you will be able to have double the fun and Tripple the enthralling experience.


What is Fastpass+?

FastPass+ is basically a digital ticketing system that allows every ticket holder the opportunity to ‘skip-the-line’ and head to his favorite ride or amusement corner quickly. This FastPass+ allows all the visitors to avoid long lines at the attractions on which they are willing to go. Thus, they don’t have to waste time in long lines and can immediately head to their favorite centers. This fastpass+ also aids the guests to have fun rides on three selected attractions at one park per day. This incredible and miraculous invention has made navigating through Walt Disney World a lot easier and happier!!


How does it work?

With FastPass+, there is a lot of easy and happy-go-vibes with your trip to Disney World. You can reserve and plan this trip in advance and select all the attractions that are covered in this Fastpass+. Book your tickets in advance 60 days prior to your visit. If you wish to book accommodation at Disney-operated hotels, then you need to book 30 days prior. This has been recommended because this remains crowded throughout the year and during the peak season, there are a lot of people in line. And so, with limited availability, you must book in advance for the most amazing experience. Book your tickets, link them to your Disney account online and thus enable yourself all the possible rides. Skip the lengthy queue and straight away make your way to the most amazing time of your life.
Here is a list of rides and amusement centers that are covered under Fastpass+. Have easy access to all of them and have the most incredible time of your life!


FastPass at the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World is one of the most gorgeous places to be. You will find a blend of rides here along with theme parks that are super beautiful! The famous attractions here are the Cindrella’s castle as well as the rides that are not even scary. The magic kingdom is the best place for kids of less age because they will be able to have their share of fun! Thus, this one is a family-friendly entertainment center. All 25 FastPass+ rides are popular here so you will have to choose carefully on what interests you the most! Try the space mountain, dwarfs mini train, Tomorrowland Speedway, peter pan’s flight or meet the cartoon characters- Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, Mickey and entertain your little ones.


FastPass at the Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom, as the name suggests, brings all the animals in the world in one place and you can have a fun time on a Kilimanjaro safari or climb the replica of Everest here. This place is divided by continent so that you have a taste of every distinct place. Experience the festival of the Lion King and enjoy the various music shows too. Pandora land is a new opening here and you can easily access it with this Fastpass+. This is definitely a great adventure here.


FastPass at EPCOT

Stands for ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’, it has two different sections namely- Future World and the World Showcase. With Fastpass+, you will be able to experience Spaceship Earth as well as a visual of the entire Space. Explore the water bodies or get onto the thrill to find Nemo. Fatpass+ allows you to choose from only two of the two tiers rides here so make your pick carefully.


FastPass at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is amongst the most fun and entertaining center here. You can have a plethora of rides here, watch shows and comics, theatrical shows and the best thing is that you get to choose five best top-tier rides. Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash encounter the most crowd because they are new here. In Hollywood shows, you can get a seat right in the front with the help of a Fastpass+. Watch Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show or muppet vision 3D. Take your kids to the Disney Junior dance party and have a great time with Fastpass+ services.

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