Do’s and Don’ts when in SriLanka

Do’s and Don’ts when in SriLanka

Sri Lanka; an island which is home to different cultures, languages, and tribes. It is a small island country situated in the Indian Ocean. From spectacular views and beaches to astonishing wildlife, this place has everything to offer. One could never run out of things to do when in Sri Lanka. This place is widely known for its tea, also being one of the top tea exporters in the world. Sri Lankans have always been known for their best hospitality and friendly nature. While visiting the country one should be aware of certain things, here are some do’s and don’ts for fist time visitors.

Do’s when in Sri Lanka

  • Get a sim card as soon as you land there

Getting a sim card as soon as you land should be your top list priority unless u have an activated roaming pack in your sim or you are completely reliant on your hotel’s wifi hotspot. Getting a sim there is an easy process, unlike other countries.

  • Relish there national dish which is rice and curry

when in Sri Lanka don’t forget to try its very famous cuisine rice and curry. Boiled or steamed rice is served with a curry of your choice. curry is made using different cooking methods making use of fish, mutton, vegetables, lentils, etc.

  • Enjoy nightlife

Want to treat yourself with a crazy nightlife? Then Colombo is the right place for you. Delectable dishes, live bands, clubbing and what not? You can definitely have one heck of a time there.

  • Animal spotting

Animal spotting is very easy in Sri Lanka, one can easily spot an animal crossing the road or roaming around the jungle especially the elephants. Elephant spotting is way too common in Sri Lanka. Other than elephants Sri Lanka has one of the highest rates of biological species. A lot of animal spotting can be done during a wildlife safari, where if lucky enough you can spot animals like leopard, peacock, etc.


  • Picking on an animal

No matter how excited you get seeing an animal, don’t ever pick on them and always keep a safe distance as you never know how things can change in the very next moment. Picking on an animal is not only inhumane but can also anger that animal very easily which can have some serious repercussions.

  • Dressing up indecently while visiting any religious place

No matter what country you belong to, one must always respect other religious views and sentiments. While visiting any religious or holy place you should be dressed in a decent way so that it could not hurt any body’s sentiments.

  • Don’t do elephant riding

It may sound exciting and adventurous to some people, but it actually sounds inhumane. The amount of pain and torture these poor elephants have to go through is excruciating, only if they could speak and tell. So it is highly advisable to not go for elephant riding.

  • Take extra care of your personal belongings

Don’t ever do this mistake of carrying your cash or your jewels out in open, not only it is highly unsafe but can also grab a lot of unwanted attention. So it’s highly advisable to keep your jewels safely packed in your hotel room and the cash in your pocket or the purse.

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