DO’s and Dont’s for tourists in Dubai

DO’s and Dont’s for tourists in Dubai

The ability of a person to adapt to a certain place shows how good of a traveler they are. But one can only do this if she is aware of the norms and the kind of place she is planning to visit. Dubai, the popular travel destination among many people around the world, is a famous desert city. It has raised its bar from a small town in the 1990s to one of the biggest tourist places. So to have the most wonderful experience of the city, we have provided you with a list of what to do and what not do while you are in Dubai.


DO: Take taxis

Dubai is not a city where you can stroll around on the roads and streets like you can do while in New York. The weather is quite hot there, making you uncomfortable enough to have a half-an-hour walk around. It is also highly possible that you might get lost if you are not much familiar with the place. There is also no proper system of public transport like buses through which you can commute to cover short distances. So the best option that is highly convenient is taking a cab to roam around. They are fairly cheap, with drivers having friendly nature and conversing in English. If you want to have a luxury ride, it would cost you quite a few more bucks. But if you can afford it, then why should you not.


DON’T: Worry about your safety
Safety is the topmost concern whenever you go out to an unknown place for some work or out on vacation. You always try to ensure beforehand what are the norms you should follow in order to keep yourself and your family safe and sound. When it comes to Dubai, you should never worry about this aspect. The people are very much friendly out there, and you can easily explore around at almost any time of the day.


DO: Observe Friday as a Holy Day

As there are different cultures and practices in different parts of the world, in a similar way, the locals of Dubai consider Friday as a holy day. It is due to the fact that Islamic believe in this. Some things remain closed on Fridays and metros don’t run after before afternoon. Though it does not completely shut down, just anticipate before making any plans.


DON’T: Be Drunk in Public
There are many countries that do not care about whatever you do in public, but U.A.E is definitely one of them. So can’ even imagine getting drunk in Dubai in a public place. In fact, there aren’t many places which sell alcohol. You will only get it in four-star and five-star hotels and restaurants. So if you are craving for one, just visit one of them, but be mindful of your behavior. Don’t even think in your wildest dreams to drive drunk in Dubai; otherwise, you will spot yourself in one of the jails of the place.


DO: Roam out of the city.

Dubai is an incredible city; there is no doubt in that. But you should leave the city once in a while when on a trip to this wonderful place. The best way to do this is to take a desert safari. They are available in different price ranges from moderate to expensive, but there is not much difference in between them. So we recommend you to not spend much on one with a higher cost if you can go for one with a less cost.


DON’T: Take Pictures of Government Buildings

If it is an official building, then avoid any unnecessary trouble by not clicking a photograph of it. They consider it an issue of national security, so why to mess up with the law in exchange for a single picture.

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