Dive through the chocolate paradise of Europe: Belgium

Dive through the chocolate paradise of Europe: Belgium

Belgium is a tiny country that is an absolute delight to delve into. Snuggled between the Netherlands to the north and France to south, often overlooked by travelers. But we recommend you to surely plan at least a three-day itinerary to Belgium from your entire Euro trip. Since it’s a fairly small country; it’s easy to roam around.

Belgium is the most beautiful canal city of Europe packed with stunning architecture, a hypnotic history, and of course, delicious Belgian cuisine- most famously Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, Belgian beer, and Belgian Frites. The country is equipped with an impressive array of free attractions. There are more free museums than you could even count. We recommend you few best places which you add to your bucket list and stroll around.

Beautiful Bruges

The city is often called the “Venice of the North”, is the loveliest smallest city in Europe. Bruges is the canal and medieval cities of Europe. Busloads of people come here for quick trips to take photos of the canals and buses. Things you can do in the city include

  • Take a canal cruise

The canals of Bruges are gorgeous, and like most canals, they’re best experienced from the water. Canal cruises in Bruges are extremely affordable. You can take a canal trip down to the arteries of Bruges. Since the size of canals is small, you can cruise in small boats that will take you around the secret gardens, giant bridges, and ornately designed medieval buildings.

It’s the perfect way to capture the magic of the city.

  • Climb the Belfry of Bruges

Are you looking for a beautiful view of the city? You should surely climb the Belfry of Bruges. It is a medieval bell tower in the center of Bruges, Belgium.

  • Ramble through Bruges’ beautiful streets

Bruges is a ridiculously beautiful place if you want to wander around the streets aimlessly. You can gorge chocolate as you are wandering around. Bruges is called the chocolate paradise. There are so many beautiful canals along the way where you can capture beautiful memories with your cameras.

Meander in Ghent 

Ghent is full of canals, beautiful, quiet corners, and street art. It is a student town at heart. The place is the most affordable place and less touristy alternative to Bruges when you want to ditch the usual crowd you can surely pay a visit here.

Be sure not to miss these places during your hunt to Ghent. 

  • Check out Gravensteen

 If you are fascinated about castles that give you a fairytale vibe, look no further than Gravensteen. The place holds back to the 10th century and is majestic and impressive to behold.

  • Visit St. Bravo’s Cathedral

 St. Bravo’s Cathedral has a charming interior, which is a treat to regard. It is best known for being home to the Flemish art piece The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.

  • Admire the Ghent light show

 The city looks even more beautiful at night. A series of light work at night lights up Ghent so charismatically, casting gorgeous reflections into the canals below. It’s surely a delight to watch.


Last (on the list) but not the least is the capital city Brussels. Brussels is the capital of the province and the most visited city of Belgium. The city is worth spending some time, with so many interesting things to explore. You can close your Belgium voyage by spending half a day in the capital. You can hop on various sites that are surely breathtaking.

  • Marvel at the Grand Place (Grote Market)

 Of all the places to visit in Brussels, this one is the most iconic in the city. This square sparkles with gold reflecting off the top of the buildings. It is one of the most impressive main squares we’ve seen in Europe.

Chocolate tour

Belgium is often regarded as the chocolate paradise. Visiting Belgium and not trying the chocolates, is just not acceptable. Overdosing some sugar is not that bad though, just kidding. But trust us you will truly enjoy that and won’t mind filling your mouth with that.

Belgium holds a popular Chocolate Tour that will surely help you find the perfect Belgian chocolate box. It has a chocolate museum showcasing 49 types of chocolate, a chocolate trail, and a chocolate fair. The country will surely satiate your appetite and satiate the traveler in you.

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