Discover The Exotic Paradise Of Con Dao Island

Discover The Exotic Paradise Of Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island is like a precious gem of Vietnam. Located in the southeastern province of Vietnam, Con Dao serves itself as the topmost exotic destination for travelers. Although this island has a dark history, in the present this is the most famous paradise for the people. Con Dao has gorgeous sandy beaches and the popular tiger cages and much more to offer you.

Are you ready to go on an exotic vacation? Con Dao is the most ideal and striking place to enjoy the summer holidays. And, today we are here expert advice and exceptional details about Con Dao paradise. So, keep your eye on this amazing travel blog and get every smallest detail about Con Dao Island to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Gallery Of Con Dao Museum 

This island may be the land of the dark past, but this land has so many mysterious things to offer you. You can see roam around and watch the galleries of the Con Dao Museum. We suggest you visit the museum before going to the historical prison cells on Con Dao Island.

The Con Dao museum has copiousness of English translated cryptogram as you hike through the galleries. This museum is divided into two divisions one for biodiversity and another one for the prison system. Therefore, take a trip to Con Dao and walk in the nostalgic galleries of the Con Dao Museum.

Dark Con Dao Prison

This prison is the most iconic historical places in the world. Take a day trip and roam in the province of Con Dao Prison. The major three prison areas are unlocked for the traveler and public. You can see the unseen dark sites of Phu Hai, American Tiger attached with bars and barbed wire.

This shows how prisoners were could tormented and abused like animals in this dark prison. This prison is like the darkest spot in Con Dao history. So, step in the devilish prison to experience the thrill of the dark past.

Let Go Off The Stress & Relax On Beach

Con Dao island is the land of gorgeous beaches and popular for its attractive coastlines. Exotic beaches are calling you! Nhat and Dam Trau beach are the most popular beaches of Con Dao paradise. These two spots are the perfect chilling spot for every traveler. In the crystal clear blue water, you can experience thrilling water activities like diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

You can take a helicopter ride and enjoy the stunning top view of these beaches. The best thing that you can capture on these beaches is the golden sunset view. So, take a closer feel of oceanic weather and enjoy in the warm summery weather of Con Dao coastline beaches. Apart from all these, you can explore local life and mini markets of Con Dao villages.

Discover The Greens Of Con Dao National Park

The swampy green forests and high mountains will attract your eyes and you can’t escape your eyes from seeing the green beauty of Con Dao National Park. It’s your choice if you want to go on adventure or hiking. You can spend your day here in this Green national park which liveliness of green environment all around and the beauty of mountains are like a heavenly site on the Con Dao. You can take a short hike to the Holy cave of the National Park.

Walk through the narrow paths of the forest and capture the epic beauty of flora and fauna. You can capture pictures of hundred-year-old heritage trees too. Therefore, roaming in this national park can be a greater escape for you.


We hope these details were enough to encourage you to take a trip to Con Dao Island. Thus, now it’s your time to discover the true beauty of Con Dao paradise and capture the striking scenic views of Vietnam.

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