Cheapest countries in the world to stopover 

Cheapest countries in the world to stopover 

We all are born peripatetic’, aren’t we? The beauty of nature is beyond our imagination and traveling enables us to open up the imagination of our senses, the folded secrets of Earth. But let’s face it travel is an expensive sport. We all love to travel around the world, but the money factor pulls back the desire.

But what if I tell you, you can stretch your dollar and easily roam around, yes we’re not kidding. You don’t need to splash out your salaries to trek, here we provide you some of the most affordable countries that will satiate your wanderlust and will for sure be light on your pocket too. So, lads what are you waiting take out your credit cards and book your tickets to the worlds most affordable yet bombshell countries to roam in.

Roll around the Peach State of the world: Georgia

Georgia, the country that meets the two continents Europe and Asia is home to Caucasus Mountain villages, Black sea beaches, and of course the incredible food and wine. The world’s best peaches are available in Georgia and accordingly the country is called the “Peach State of the World”.

 Have you ever thought voyaging around Europe can be an affordable option; yes, Georgia is the most affordable option in Europe. The country will gasp you with its magnificent scenic views and servile culture. Accommodations, transportation, food all are very affordable over here, facilitating it to be a heaven for budget travelers. The top places to pay a visit in the country are Rock City Gardens, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Centennial Olympic PARK, Georgia Aquarium, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site, and Tybee Island.

Delve in the Mexico of Europe: Poland

Poland is another great option when you want to frugally spend the moolah on travel. Located in the center of Europe, Poland is not a backward and improvised country but instead offers a really great option to a budget traveler.

Poland allows experiencing a lot of wonderful things in the country at a lower cost. The weak currency of the country offers food, transportation, and accommodation relatively cheaper. Quaint cities such as Krakow and Gdansk grapple the tripper with energy and liveliness. The vibrant urbanity, enticing food and design culture, dynamic history, and kindhearted natives will surely make you speechless and spellbound. The top attractions of the country include Main Square History, The Royal Castle in Warsaw (the capital city), Warsaw Old Town, and Lazienki Park. It’s a worthy addition to your bucket list.

Mount on the world’s best safaris in South Africa

South Africa is another affordable country thanks to its weak currency. Roaming around the country is a very affordable escapade. The country offers one of the cheapest safaris in the world at The Kruger National Park. It also presents a great ethnic blend of culture that the country has. You can also climb the unrivaled mountains, chill and sports around numerous virgin beaches. Like Australia, South Africa too has the biggest great whites (sharks), Australia though can be quite expensive while South Africa offers a really great cheaper substitute to shark cage diving.

Explore the birthplace of Democracy: Greece

Greece the island country in southeastern Europe offers all the cache and notoriety of places like England and Ireland but on half or less budget. The country has a wonderful mix of ancient historical sites, breathtaking scenery, mouth-watering cuisines and of course those amazing Greek islands at a thrift. Influenced by classic Greek culture, it is a treasure for travelers to invade.

Popular tourist destinations in Greece include Athens a city named after a popular Greek goddess, the Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Benaki Museum. Greece houses the most important sites on the planet that don’t make you spend too much.

Trek the Pearl of Orient: The Philippines 

The Philippines is regarded as “The Pearl of Orient” in the world all thanks to its abundance availability of beautiful beaches and delicious fruits. The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and comes in the list of quite affordable countries in Asia. If you want to indulge your holidays in palm trees, beautiful beaches, wonderful diving spots, and unforgettable sunsets “The Philippines” is your go-to country.

 The country offers quite reasonable accommodations to park your luggage in, and cheap transportation to roam around.

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