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Celebrate Christmas at these worthy Destination

Christmas is one of the most lively festivals in the world and it is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic everywhere. There’s no corner in the world where this festival is not celebrated. Everyone waits for this time of the year and plans vacations with friends and family. If you are planning your next trip around Christmas then we have a thumbs up for it. You can choose a lot of incredible destinations around the world for your Christmas vacation but we have chosen the best ones for you. Just pack your bags and give a headstart to your next Christmas destination from the list below. We promise there won’t be a single dull moment on this trip and you will have the greatest time of your life!

Look for these destinations during Christmas, book your tickets in advance and have the most memorable trip of your life!


Cape Town, South Africa

The city of Cape Town has one of the most beautiful views in the world during Christmas. If you are planning your trip to South Africa, visit this incredibly fun city of Cape Town and have the best Christmas ever. The best thing about this one is that since it is located in the Northern Hemisphere, it has a really pleasant atmosphere. Because of the windy summer, you get to experience the best weather. Quirky markets in lively streets, colorful souvenirs everywhere, light up markets are everywhere. The famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens showcase special screenings of famous films on Christmas for a delightful experience.


Quebec City

One of the oldest cities in North America, Quebec city will give you the feels of a European place. You will get lost in the ancient and historic feels of this place because of such gothic architecture and amazing structures. Imagine such ancient and European structures covered in snow. The surroundings just look gorgeous! The cobbled streets of this town flaunt quirky decorations along with delicious food everywhere. The cute cafes and bistro are all decorated with lights and chandeliers for the best Christmas feel ever. You will feel a touch of the local culture here as well.


Rovaniemi, Finland

The birthplace of Santa Claus! How could we miss this one from the list? Literally occupying the Arctic circle, Finland region is another best place to be during Christmas. If you want to feel the real vibes if this festival, we say pack your bags and move to this Lapland region in Finland. Santa Claus Village amusement park and resorts are capable of creating undying memories in your mind. They have amazing Christmas themed cottages with such beautiful decoration. You will realize that you are truly sitting in the land of Christmas God. Have a great time at exclusive reindeer rides as well.


Sydney, Australia


If you haven’t been to Sydney during Christmas, you haven’t really had the real feels of this festival. Sydney arguably flaunts one of the best celebrations in the world. It goes on for about a month and we mean it literally! In Sydney, you will get to experience the most beautiful festivals of all times- the Sydney Christmas which takes place from November 24 to December 25. Light up streets, gorgeous decorations with reindeer, sleds, and chandeliers- this one will give you the most amazing vacation of your life. Attend night concerts or go for a stroll in the twinkling markets during night time.


Tokyo, Japan


How could the iconic capital of Japan not make its way into the best Christmas in the world? During this time, the city lights up like none other. There are lacs of lights twinkling on the streets and yes, we literally mean lacs of them! There is so much you can do here with your family as well as your group of friends. The city turns into a high voltage light with white and blue twinkles all over the place. Such ana amazing illumination gives the right feels of Christmas that one can never forget.


Prague, Czech Republic

Hands down, showcasing one of the most beautiful and massive Christmas markets ever, Prague is definitely on the bucket list. If you love exploring the local places, then this Christmas in Prague will give you the utmost experience of your life. Wish a dash of different wines, exotic food culture with yummy desserts and cuisines, this place really lights up like the world. Moreover, gothic architecture in the backdrop calls for some of the best picturesque views as well. Have a walk through the old town and watch a performance at the National Theatre for a great evening.


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