You are currently viewing Castles in and around Dublin that are simply unmissable

Castles in and around Dublin that are simply unmissable

Being the largest city and capital of Ireland, Dublin is one of the most gorgeous cities there. It has a plethora of historic castles out of which some date back to the era of the 12th century. Visiting these castles will not only give you an insight into the historic chapters of Ireland but also how it has evolved and aced into architecture feat over the years. Dublin has always been a loved destination and now you have another reason to visit it. Check out the best castles in and around Dublin that are simply unmissable-


Dublin Castle

From serving the role of being a defensive fortification to being the seat of the British government, Dublin castle is old as you can think. Today, it is a major sight for state visits, informal engagements as well as government policy launches. Dublin Castle has witnessed a lot of historic chapters and if you want to revisit all of them, then you must visit this gorgeous place. The most iconic thing about this castle is that it is the central base for Ireland’s hosting of the European Presidency every 10 years. The architecture of this castle is truly commendable and surely deserves your visit!


Malahide Castle

Located just 14 kilometers to the north of Dublin is this gorgeous castle in all its glory. This castle is another incredible structure from the 12th-century era and has been blessing Ireland with its existence ever since. For centuries, this was a private residence and thus could not be accessed. In the 1970s, it became the property of the state and thus opened its gates to the public for a guided tour. Scattered over an area of 250 acres, Malahide Castle is one of the oldest and most historic castles in Ireland. You can explore the parkland and beautiful 18th-century gardens that are used for public events now. This castle also hosts banquet parties as well as dining events.


Drimnagh Castle

This one literally looks like an incomplete movie set because it is just so gorgeous and still so gothic. The medieval architecture of this castle is a surviving structure from the 12th century. It was originally built by the Barnwell family. This is also the only castle in Ireland that is still surrounded by a flooded moat, thus making it an enormous attraction. With a lush green long-stretch formal garden and an alley lined with tall trees, this castle offers a lot of guided tours to its visitors. It has been a part of many movies because of its picturesque views in Ireland. You can visit this place and have the most amazing time of your vacation.


Swords Castle

Located two miles to the north of Dublin, Swords castle is another architectural feat in Ireland because of its pentagonal shape. This makes it a must-visit because you wouldn’t have seen something so historic and gothic. Standing tall since the year 1200, this castle was constructed for the first Archbishop of Dublin- John Comyn. Since then it has been admired for its beauty and the way it has been built. It houses some apartments for knights, a huge gatehouse, a chapel, and a banquet hall for entertainment events. The walls surrounding the castle are also far higher than the normal walls, thus making this one a distinct factor. Because of its immense beauty, Swords Castle is used for filming as well. It is open to the public to have a tour of the exterior as well.


Howth Castle

With its existence dating back to the 15th century, Howth castle is the perfect example of the evolution of historic houses in Ireland. It has been one of the continuously occupied private homes in the country and thus is a bliss. The furnishings, architecture of the castle and artistic features inside the building are worth seeing. You can know about all the families that have lived here with their leftover pieces of pictures, paintings, furniture, etc. Visit the 18th-century dining room, the 17th-century kitchen, and the Lutyens library. It has that extra touch of gothic vibes to its build and thus, you must visit this one for all the right reasons. Visit this one visit on Sundays from April to October and have the most pleasant experience of your vacation in Ireland.

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