Can Tourism Help A Country?

Can Tourism Help A Country?

Tourism throughout the world is consistently increasing not only because the interests in people to tour the world has increased but also because the tourism industry across the globe is also developing by each passing year. Being a tourist, a person can have a number of benefits such as exploring new places, learning new things and taking a break from the general life.

But does tourism also offer benefits to a country? It is actually possible that a country can also get benefited out of it?

Yes, tourism can be helpful to a country in a number of ways and here is a list of reasons to go through.

Increase In Income

When internationals tourists visit a country, they spend money on a number of things such as in getting accommodation, food, and local transportation. Apart from this, when they see something that appeals to them, they buy such goods or services. So, of course, whatever way the tourists are spending within a country, it is adding up to the income of the country.

There are also a number of countries such as in the Asian countries that charge extra from the international tourists in comparison to their locals. This is again another way of increasing the income of a country.

Marketing Of A Country

International tourists in a country are the automatic way of doing marketing for a country. When more number of international tourists comes up, there is more income in the country in various ways. There are so many travel agents who create packages just to woo the tourists to take a trip of the country so that the tourism planners can make up the money. Of course, along with the tourism planners, the country also benefits because when a tourist will arrive, there will an increase in the income of the company also through diverse ways.

Increase In Employment

When tourism increases in a country, the employment of the country also increases automatically. There are a number of things that need to get developed such as hotels, restaurants, transport system and the travel agencies. With an increase in tourism, all these things also increase. So, when these things are increasing, of course, the need for candidates will be there and hence the country will see an increase in employment. It is always a good thing for a country when the employment rates have increased as this increase the standards of the country as well.

Development in Infrastructure

Just getting new hotels and restaurants are not enough to support increased tourism within a country. There has to be a development done in the infrastructure of the country also from time to time. If the tourists visiting a country does not like the way the country has maintained the infrastructure, they will not return back again in the country for a second visit. On top of this, when they return back, they will talk about the ill management to the other people and hence it may affect the tourists coming from a particular region.

Today, it is all about the digital world. If a tourist talks about such bad infrastructure management on the social platform, there are thousands of people going through it and you never know which potential tourist will change his or her mind against the country. Hence, the countries take care of this quite seriously and hence make sure to offer infrastructures such as the international airports and roadways and others a proper development.

Maintaining Of The Heritage

Why a tourist does visit a country? The main reason remains to know about the heritage and culture of the place. The main cities are almost similar to different countries with malls selling items from common brands and restaurants serving multi-cuisine food items. These things do not attract a tourist to leap from one country to another. What interests them is the culture of a place that slowly going out of life due to the increased amount of modernity in society.

But when a country sees that tourism has increased, the country will try to maintain the heritage and local culture of the place. There are so many local workers who have their livelihood through the traditional occupation. With the introduction of machinery and modern-day working such people go jobless. But when the country notices tourists from different countries, they make sure to preserve these cultural and traditional aspects so that the real color of the country can be displayed in front of these tourists.

Social Pride

Of course, when you visit some other country, you have a feeling that how great that particular country is with so many amazing things. So, imagine tourists coming to your country and thinking in the same way. So, when more number of tourists are pouring in your country and are getting enchanted by the various things in the country, you feel proud about your country and your heritage.

Tourism is now a big industry and it is increasing and developing even more with the course of time. The governments of the countries support the tourism business a lot because it has a direct as well as indirect connection with the development of the country. Apart from adding up to the total GDP of the country, there are so many other ways how tourism actually benefits the country. Some of the major ones are mentioned above. Thus, it can be said that encouraging tourism can always help a country in a number of ways.

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