Best Roman delicacies to grab on!

Best Roman delicacies to grab on!

The capital of Italy- Rome is a modern cosmopolitan city with the best art and architecture on its streets. More so, it has one of the best cuisines too! Since it is Italian that we’re talking about, it is sure to be mouth-watering delicious! And we don’t just mean the Italian pasta, there is a lot more to it than just pasta. Roman food has one of the best delicacies in the world because it is prepared fresh with simple yet flavorful ingredients but tastes wonders! With lip-smacking taste and mind-blowing options to choose from, Roman food is something you just cannot miss! From the famous Caesar salad to fried cod, this city knows how to satisfy your hunger and give you the ultimate taste buds! If you happen to go to Rome, do not miss these exotic Roman cuisines! Read on and crave for them till you get to eat them!

Classic Carbonara

If you’re in Rome, this is hand down the first thing you must taste! Romans consider Carbonara as a piece of art and are never willing to compromise on its taste or ingredients. It is a rich Roman sauce and a classic for ages. Typically made from Raw eggs, Parmigiano cheese, and Italian Curd pork cheek; Carbonara is that one food that you will find in a lot of variations in Rome and all without cream. The pasta is smothered with different kinds of Carbonara sauce at so many distinct restaurants.

Where to eat: You can go for Trattoria Da Enzo which is a famous place and you never know, you might hit on the best Carbonara in town!


Suppli is basically deep-fried croquettes made from rice balls, ragu, and mozzarella cheese. This is one of the best food starters and everyone in Rome will agree to this. Even if you’re going for fine dining, don’t forget to order this one as a part of your appetizers. A classic Roman Suppli is made from creamy rice smothered in meat tomato sauce and cheesy layer in the center. It is then deep-fried for the crispest taste in the world! You will find it very delicious so it is definitely a must-try for everyone!

Where to eat: You can hit the I Suppli joint which is a tiny takeaway spot with lines pouring out on the road. They serve the most delicious variations of Suppli!

Pizza Al Taglio

Another thing that Roman food is famous for is its pizza in a lot of variations like thin-crust, flatbreads, round pizza, and personal slices! Pizza Al Taglio is a signature style pizza in Rome which is served by the slice. You can choose your toppings from a wide range of marinara sauce, freshly baked vegetables, extra cheese, and meat. With so many crusts and toppings to choose from, you’ll end by eating pizza every day! It is one of the top numbers in the Roman food list and we have no doubt about it!

Where to eat: Visit the Pizzarium where all creative combinations of pizza in different flavors are baked only for you. You can order different slices and have a taste of each one of them!



Artichokes are found in two styles: Jewish and Roman. The Jewish Artichoke is deep-fried while the Roman Artichoke is more of a combination of mint, parsley, and garlic. Now you can decide what appeals your hunger pangs the most! The classic Roman Artichoke is made with these mouth-watering ingredients and you can just not stop at one. There are a lot of fancy food joints as well as tiny spots where you will find the best Artichokes in Rome. If you’re traveling, you must explore different places and talk to the locals to find the best one. This is one of the best Roman foods in the eternal city and we strongly recommend it.

Where to eat: Visit Nonna Betta which is an elegant Italian restaurant serving typical Jewish-Italian cuisines.


Or in other words- ‘jumps in your mouth!’ Yes, that’s what it means because it is just so yummy! This typical Roman dish is prepared with veal, ham, and sage. It is shaped like a heart perfectly and what an irony it is! As it goes into your stomach, it will hit your heart as well! The meat is stuffed with wine and butter thus adding such playful flavors to the dish. The veal is marinated and it will satisfy your taste buds ar another level. This dish is extremely juicy and mouth-watering.

Where to eat: Visit La Ciambella or Da Teo for the best Saltimbocca in the city.

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