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Best Places To Find Crafted Beer In Europe

If you are beer thirsty, you can explore some of the best destinations where you can come across the crafted beer. The crafted beer is recently challenging the traditional beer and hence the concept is going viral across the world. If you wish to taste the best-crafted beer, take a trip of all these amazing destinations in Europe.


Bruges in Belgium is known for its beer not only in Europe but across the world. This is the reason; beer drinkers also celebrate the Belgian beer day. It is said that Bruges is known to supply a high quantity of beer across Europe and they have a good many numbers of beer brands established. Apart from the traditional beer, the city is also known for the crafted beer known in many of the established stores.

Czech Republic

Prague in the Czech Republic is known to be the destination that has provided a number of beer varieties to the world. Whatever beer you must have tasted, you can say that it has been gifted by Czech only. If you visit Prague, you can surely experience varieties for your taste buds in a number of crafted beer bars in the city.


There are so many people who know Copenhagen for beer. When you talk about the international beer brands, you can find a few of them from this place also. Copenhagen in Denmark is known to offer a number of beer varieties and you will surely come across the crafted beer option in a number of bars established here.


When the Oktoberfest takes place, Munich in Germany is known to offer as much as about 6 liters beer for it. Though the traditional beer still dominates the commercialization in Germany, still there are now a number of setups coming for the crafted beer options. While you are here in Munich, you can surely have a taste of both traditional as well as crafted beer.


When you are in Amsterdam, you are not much from the pint beer. The variety of beer options is huge in the clubs and bars of Amsterdam, and so now the demand for the crafted beer is also increasing each passing day.

Looking for some more destinations where you can enjoy crafted beer? There are many more names available such as Krakow in Poland, Madrid in Spain and many others. So, if you are still waiting to taste the best beer, make your next trip to one of the above places.

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