Best Food Destinations In Canada

Best Food Destinations In Canada

Similar to any other country, Canada is known for its food delicacies. The place is known for its mixed culture and hence you are sure to get a wide variety of options in food. While you are on a vacation trip to Canada, you should not miss out the local delicacies of the place. For this, you need to know the best food destinations in Canada.

Toronto in Ontario

If you have planned your trip for Ontario, make sure to visit the capital city Toronto to taste the various food options available here. Toronto is known to offer a range of cuisines to its guests. From French to Asian to the Middle East, you can come across a range of options here. Due to the availability of a number of cuisines, you will come across a wide number of restaurants, cafes and bars flourishing in this city.

Nova Scotia

Are you craving to taste some really great seafood? You should visit Nova Scotia to explore a range of options offering you from lobster, mussels, salmon, oysters, scallops, and what not. Not just the seafood lover, people who have a sweet tooth can also find a range of options such as desserts made up of apples and blueberries. Along with your food, try out some really great wines and champagne from the Annapolis Valley.

Vancouver in British Columbia

Vancouver is the place where you would know what freshness is all about. The meat is from the farm-grown cattle and the ingredients used along with it are absolutely fresh. The restaurants here are known to provide you with fusion cuisines that are made up of the organic food items. You will also come across a number of food trucks here where you can try out some of the best items if you do not wish to sit and dine in the restaurants.

Prince Edward Island

If you are all about lobsters, you should not miss out being in the Prince Edward Island. They combine lobsters with a number of other items such as potatoes or a coleslaw salad or even with mussels. The island has a reputation for farming and fishing and hence you can be sure to get some of the freshest and most authentic dishes here. Looking for some sweet treats? Ice creams are a favorite here, especially the chocolate covered potatoes.

Montreal In Quebec

Montreal is the city that can actually offer you an authentic Canadian cuisine and also some of the other European delicacies such as French. You can get the traditional Quebecois dishes out here in some of the restaurants or even at times a fusion one. Some of the traditional dishes that you can try out here are Putine, tourtiere, bagels, and others.

These are some of the amazing places where you can experience some of the best dishes in Canada. Apart from these places, there are also many other destinations that you can try out for some great food in Canada such as Fredericton in New Brunswick, Quebec City, Calgary in Alberta, and many others.

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