Best Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Best Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Are you bold and free-spirited? But still, the women safety has been at stake since the last few years. Though ravaging cases of rapes and harassments come up from different parts of the world, there are also some of the places that claim to be quite welcoming for the females who love to travel solo.


If talked about safety, Canada is said to be one of the safest places in the world because the Canadians are said to be the friendliest people found. Also, you will come across a mix of culture here that will seem to be quite interesting. Apart from the friendliness and multi-culture, the place also is amazingly beautiful to explore.


The land of northern lights has been attracting a number of tourists each year and most of them are women. The beauty of the place is enough to get you awestruck but there are many more things that you can do here and with no such worries about your safety. Enjoy nightlife, meet up the locals, and go for adventures such as snorkeling and hiking.


Whenever a married couple is asked for a honeymoon destination, the first name that strikes is Switzerland. Not just the place is extremely romantic but also quite safe for travelers. Whether it is a snow-covered Alps or the beautiful wildflowers or the Rhone river, everything is so picture perfect that will make each second memorable here.

New Zealand

New Zealand is not just the home to adventure lovers but also for many of the solo female travelers. Amazed by the mind-blowing landscapes, each year a good number of female travelers visit this place to enjoy the beaches, glaciers, and so much more.


If you are in love with wildlife, Australia can be the perfect destination for you. Also, it is known to have the most diverse landscapes across the world. You can travel across a number of popular cities out here in Australia such as Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and many more to taste the true colors and flavors of the country.

Hold on!

The list does not just end up here. There are many more destinations that you can actually explore if you are a solo female traveler. They are:

  • Morocco

  • Amsterdam

  • Italy

  • The British Virgin Islands

  • Denmark

  • Cuba

  • Mexico

  • Costa Rica

The list actually goes on. If you have explored detailed about the place well and have that guts to go out and live your life, you have a range of destinations to go on for a solo trip.

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