Best alternatives to America’s most-visited national parks

Best alternatives to America’s most-visited national parks

America’s national parks are easily becoming one of the main highlights of the nation. In the recent few years, the popularity of these national parks has skyrocketed like crazy. Whether it’s hiking, camping, or just taking a tour within the boundaries, these national parks have you all covered from all aspects and guarantee to offer a fun and exhilarating experience. The popularity of America’s national park is so crazy, that it’s not just the locals making a visit to the parks but people from all around the world especially come here to get this experience.

However, given the current situation, tourism has somewhat come to a stall, and people are avoiding visiting crowded places. With some of the national parks being one of such crowded places, it’s important that you play a little safe and instead of visiting these overcrowded national parks, choose the ones that are rather less visited and sees less crowd so that you can minimize human contact, and at the same time, you can explore the park and do all things you want without any worry.

Take a look at all the least visited national parks in the US that are not only known to offer spectacular landscapes but also feel more tranquil and quiet.


Lake Clark National Park

Teeming with steaming volcanoes, hiking trails above turquoise lakes, and truckloads of adventure, Lake Clark National Park in Alaska is no less than a paradise. Most places in Alaska cannot be accessed by road, and Lake Clark National Park is one of them. You can reach the park only via plane or boat. This remote location is the ultimate choice for all travelers who are yearning for a little getaway. From canoeing and kayaking to fishing and hiking, there are plenty of things you can see and do in this national park.


North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park in Washington is one of the least visited national parks in the nation. It is littered with rugged peaks and stunning turquoise lakes that only add to the beauty of this national park. The park features a plethora of trails fitted for both beginner and advanced hikers. Although this national park is mostly visited during winters, granting the fun winter activities visitors can partake in, you can visit this place during summer as well to indulge in some adventure such as climbing, horseback riding, and several other things.


Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is often overlooked in favor of its neighboring Yosemite National Park, which is basically a world-famous national park. Although both of the national parks are a pure creation of volcanic activity, featuring almost the same characteristics, Yosemite lures a lot more visitors than Lassen volcanic national park. However, if you are looking to hike the national park in solitude with great sceneries and views along the trail, you must consider visiting the Lassen Volcanic National Park, which also has the world’s largest plug dome volcano.


Wind River Mountain Range

Located three hours southeast of the Yellowstone National Park, the Wind River Mountain Range is one of the most spectacular and remote parks to visit in the nation. Besides featuring Wyoming’s largest mountain range, the park also boasts of several named peaks, massive glaciers, countless lakes, and green river’s headwaters. Hiking and wildlife spotting are two of the best features of this national park.


Kootenay National Park

From icy mountain rivers to steamy hot springs, Kootenay national park in British Columbia is home to unique contrasts. This national park is especially a treat for those who want to spend some time in solitude and immerse themselves in nature. Besides being insanely quiet, Kootenay National Park is also an ideal place for day hikes.

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