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Bergen – A Place That Will Blow Your Mind Away

When travelers think about Norway, Bergen is the first place that comes to mind. A strange willing that attracts travelers to Bergen can be due to varied reasons such as the beautifully arranged houses, the stunning weather or the always decorated environment.

There can be so many reasons that can blow your mind away actually while you explore a trip to Bergen in Norway.

What Is Beautiful About The City?

Bergen is the second most populated city of Norway and is located at a perfect place sandwiched in between two mountains.

The question can be actually asked in an alternative way. What is not so beautiful about Bergen?

Cobblestone streets,

Wooden houses,

Gothic churches,

Little squares,

And so many other things to explore!!

One thing that cannot be missed is the sky after the sunset. Tourists describe the sky to be painted in shades of blue, orange, and many more vibgyor colors just after the sun have set. One can surely remember the northern lights that appear in Iceland.

Another great thing that will make you crave to have nested here in Bergen is its fresh air. Not just Bergen, the whole of Norway has an environment of crisp air even when it is chilling in the summer months.

Things To Explore

As soon as you will step into the city, you will fall in love with it for its beautiful surroundings, freshness in the environment and natural prettiness. But there are also a number of places that you can explore while you are on a trip to Bergen.

  • While you are here in Bergen, you should surely have a look at the fish market here. It can be reached out easily and you can experience the hospitality as the vendors offer you to taste before you purchase. Do not forget to try out caviar and salmon while you are here.


  • If you are interested in history and wish to explore some 14th-century stuff such as structures, you should take a trip of Bryggen.


  • Looking for more history of the place to explore? You can also go for Rosenkrantz tower and Hakon’s Hall.


  • The city also houses a number of museums so that you can have an educational experience. Some of the museums that you have to go around are Bergenhus Fortress Museum, old Bergen Museum, and different art museums.


  • Floibanen is a train that you can take to reach the mountains from where you can have a view of the entire city.

You must have heard about the 90 days sun in Norway and other stories. The city of Bergen in Norway will offer you a feeling of being in some other world. Take trips of the mountains or experience a cruise ride to make your days romantic. The basic line is the place is going to blow your mind.

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