Backpacking in Asia: Things you need to know about Asia

Backpacking in Asia: Things you need to know about Asia

Backpacking has been gaining a certain momentum in the travel industry, and it is easily becoming one of the most popular means of traveling the world. The highlighting part about backpacking is it’s low-cost, independent travel that doesn’t involve breaking the account. Backpacking has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, apart from making you more independent and an astute traveler, it also teaches you some life lessons and makes you value certain things in your life even more. Additionally, it also allows you to get acquainted with different cultures, traditions, religions, and meet new people every day that become a crucial part of your journey.

Your backpacking experience can vary from region to region; however, when it comes to backpacking in Asia, certain things about the continent can take you by surprise. Visiting any continent for the very first time can be an exhilarating and intimidating experience, and if it’s your first time backpacking in Asia, make sure to read through the article below where we have jotted down a list of a few things that every backpacker should know.


Solo travel is common in Asia

When it comes to backpacking in Asia, you will find so many backpackers like you who have traveled from different parts of the world. Asia is one of the world’s most popular backpacking destinations; therefore, don’t be surprised when you spot a lot of backpackers like you who are on their journey to explore the continent. If you have got some great socializing skills, you can use that to your advantage by befriending other backpackers in the process, and there are higher chances that you will meet a lot of people who belong to your home country as well.


Traveling in a group or with someone can save you some bucks

Traveling alone or with someone is a personal choice, however, when it comes to saving extra bucks during backpacking, it’s better done when you are traveling with someone and not alone. Even if you aren’t able to negotiate for certain things, you still would be able to split the total cost, which will help you save some bucks. The more the number of travelers, the stronger hold you will get to negotiate discounts for accommodation, transportation, tours, and much more.


Endless chances to interact with other travelers

Throughout your trip, you’ll meet and interact with many people, including locals as well as fellow travelers. And while getting acquainted with locals can take mindful efforts, interacting with fellow travelers you met at the accommodation you were staying at or on transportation is considerably easier. Getting familiar with other fellow travelers will also allow you to learn about different cultures and languages from all around the world. However, the best way to learn more about the place you’re traveling is by grabbing every opportunity to strike a conversation with locals.


Fatigue is a real deal

A backpacking trip can last for as many days as you like, and no matter how hard you try to not get exhausted in the process, there will come some days when your excitement levels are not as high as they should be and nothing excites you even if it’s centuries-old temple ruins. While culture shock is a real thing, it’s burnout that creeps out long-term travelers. If you are feeling distant and find it more comfortable to sit inside your hotel room than going and about, then it’s time you remind yourself why you were on this journey in the first place.


You can end up spending a lot more

Although Asia is still relatively cheaper to visit than several other parts of the world, there are chances that you might end up spending a lot more than your set-budget. You may not realize this while spending your money, but once you have made a list of all the expenses, you will realize that you spent the most on drinks and socializing. In addition to that, big purchases like electronics or getting scammed can also take a toll on your budget.

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