Appetizing dishes to try in the Middle East

Appetizing dishes to try in the Middle East

Half the world is well familiar with a few cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, and several others but there’s much more to it than we know of. The world is divided into several continents and regions that differ from each other in terms of culture, traditions, religions, and even cuisine. And this diversity often results in the best outcomes such as delicious food.

Gaining up to the popularity of other continents and regions, the Middle East is emerging to be one of the most popular spots not only for its historical landmarks, culture scenes, and traditions but also the food that is both exquisite and mouth-watering. Middle Eastern food is now slowly becoming one of the highly rated and finest cuisines in the world that is well known for its exquisite use of flavors. Middle Eastern food may look easy to create but they require fine culinary skills to make some delectable dishes. The rich aroma and texture of this cuisine is sure to engulf your senses and satisfy any palette.

Listed below are a few of the middle eastern that you must try when visiting this region.


While Middle-eastern people are known to love their meat very dearly, they also create some of the most appetizing vegan dishes that can leave you wanting for more. One such dish is falafel that is finely created using crushed chickpeas. It is one of the most common fried snacks in the Middle East, which can be found at every nook and corner of this region. Ground chickpeas are combined with other few ingredients like herbs, spices, onion, and red chili, which add more flavor to the dish. These ball or flat-shaped chickpea falafels are then deep-fried, which is then served with hummus and salad most times. They are quite filling and ridiculously delicious.



Shawarma is yet another one of the most filling foods that can be found almost anywhere in the Middle East at a cheap price. It is either served in the form of a wrap of sandwich, which is stuffed with bits of skewered lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, or veal. It is also accompanied by garlic puree, hummus, salad, and tehina. The ingredients can vary according to your preference and liking.



Hummus is arguably one of the most popular foods in the Middle East, which is a staple for the people of this region. It is slowly becoming a quick replacement to many of our dips that can make any food taste even better. Much like any other dish, hummus is also prepared in different varieties but it is most traditionally prepared using chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, and loads of garlic to add flavor and texture to the dip. This vegan dish is usually served with warm bread or pita and can be consumed as a meal at any time of the day.



Nobody can really say no to a pizza but this is not exactly what you might think it to be. Manakeesh is a pizza-like dish, which is usually topped with thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac, however, the ingredients can vary from region to region and according to your preference as well. The dish comprises a pizza like soft dough which is sprinkled with the ingredients and is baked. You can easily find it in restaurants as well as street vendors and bakeries. It is best eaten during breakfast or lunch along with fresh mint tea.


Ful medames

This main course meal is for all the people who are health conscious but still want their food to taste outstanding. Ful medames is a vegan delight that came into existence in Egypt. The stew of this dish is cooked with fava beans, which is accompanied by a few key ingredients such as vegetables, garlic, lemon juice, and onion. It is either consumed with warm pita or flavored rice and is often served with hummus. This dish is considered to be a staple food for people of Egypt.

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