7 Must Visit Singapore Island For a Memorable Vacation

7 Must Visit Singapore Island For a Memorable Vacation

Are you bored of visiting generic tourist destinations? Have you ever wanted to spend your holiday at a place where all your expectations can be fulfilled: thrilling, adventurous, fun, photogenic, modern, multi-cultural and filled with surprises?

Look no further, Singapore is where you need to go. Singapore is like the ‘West of the East’; the ‘America in Asia’. Singapore is world-renowned as the 10th ranking city to have the most skyscrapers.

One will be easily fascinated by the level of development reached by this small island nation, even though they started out from humble origins. Singapore is the ultimate tourist destination. There is so much that you can do there and so many exciting places to visit.

This list highlights seven of the best places to be at and things to do in Singapore. So grab your backpacks and travel light as we jump into this Singaporean extravaganza.

1. Gardens By The Bay

These are futuristic gardens housing huge trees and biodomes that occupy 101 hectares. The biodomes house more than 800 species of plants originating from different climate zones. One of the biodomes has giant cacti and another has a 35 meters waterfall. Rising over the gardens are 18 humungous trees that resemble the ones in James Cameron’s blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’.

2. Sentosa Island

It is home to Universal Studios Singapore, Madame Tussauds Singapore, Sentosa Merlion, S.E.A Aquarium, Fort Siloso, Resorts World Singapore, and the various beaches. Sentosa Island is well known as ‘Asia’s Favorite Playground’. Sentosa Island can be accessed via boat or cable car, with the latter being the most exciting.

If Sentosa Island is a dream destination for all the amusement lovers who are looking for super fun.  Sentosa Island is basically the Las Vegas of Asia, with its casinos and attractions. One can also see Malaysia and Indonesia on a cloudless day.

3. Singapore Flyer

It is the ‘London Eye’ of Singapore. The Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel that gives one of the most amazing views of the Singapore skyline. It is Asia’s largest giant wheel. One can also see parts of Malaysia and Singapore from the peak. The best time to catch this ride is during sunset. It is easily an attraction for kids and young couples.

4. Singapore Zoo:

It is easily one of the world’s best zoos. It is home to more than 300 species of wildlife. The zoo is divided into different zones based on the natural habitat of the animals. It is 28 hectares of wildlife and also houses reptiles, birds, and insects. Do not miss out on the Orangutan and Dolphin shows.

5. Marina Bay Sands

The observation deck at the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park is a popular tourist destination which offers a 360-degree view of Singapore. It also explores the history, culture, and heritage of Singapore. If you’re a hotel guest, you have the privilege to ‘Experience Infinity’ at the Infinity Pool which allows you to chill out while looking out over at Singapore’s amazing skyline.

6. Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

It is a 3.5 kilometers walk along Marina Bay. It is an environment-friendly zone that exposes one to the beauty of Singapore’s bay. It is the ultimate ‘Beat the Heat’ recreation for tourists with mist sprays and motion sensor fans. One must not miss out on Southeast Asia’s largest water and light show, ‘Wonder Full’. One can also access the Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands via the promenade.

7. Chinatown

Experience Chinese cuisine, culture, history and architecture at Singapore’s Chinatown. One can also go on a shopping spree at the street market or visit the four-story Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

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