7 Must Visit Places in Little India Singapore

7 Must Visit Places in Little India Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Its economy is slowly reaching the top tier. This island nation is multicultural, i.e. the natives living peacefully with Malaysian, Indian and Chinese immigrants.
Singapore is very much revered for its government policies and military discipline. Singapore also offers some of the best education in the world. It is a booming tourist destination and has some of the most amazing attractions. But enough about Singapore, let us delve into the matter at hand: Little India. Little India, Singapore is a district located east of the Singaporean river.

The Indians living there are referred to as Singaporean Indians. But how did Indians come to be in Singapore? Singapore was initially a British colony and before its independence, the British brought in many Indian immigrants to Singapore to work. Post-independence from British rule, the Indians settled there and became a part of Singapore.

But how did Little India, the location, come to be? This was because the Indians were all grouped to one part of Singapore during the colonial period; a place where they were to live, hence ‘Little India’.
Today, the Singaporean Indians are not only concentrated in Little India but have spread out over the island, but Little India remains to be the land of history, Indian culture, and most Singaporean Indian commerce. So Little India is an amazing place for Indians to feel at home in a foreign land. There is so much that one can see and do at Little India.

But to help you not get confused, this article aims to shortlist 7 ‘must go to’ places in Little India.

1. Tekka Centre

Tekka Market is the best place to get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other spices for cooking. It is generally where all Indian and Chinese restaurants in Singapore get their cooking ingredients. A visit to this place is a definite must. Since this is a market, you might need to haggle for prices to be lowered down (as the sellers may try to put forward outrageous prices to tourists and non-locals).

2. Indian Heritage Centre

The Indian Heritage Centre is a modern building amidst all the old shophouses. It is a building dedicated solely to preserving and promoting Indian tradition and culture, in Singapore, to the general public via artifacts, Indian paintings, etc. Beat the heat and learn something about the Indian Heritage in Singapore at the Indian Heritage Centre, Little India.

3. Little India Arcade

The Little India Arcade is not a game center if that is what first comes to your mind. In fact, it is a set of shop houses that sell Indian souvenirs and eateries. It is a fun place to shop. The building there are present since the 1920s when Singapore was a British colony.

4. Komala Vilas

Komala Vilas is an amazing place to eat authentic Indian cuisine; established since 1947.

5. House of Tan Teng Niah

It is probably the last Chinese villa in Little India. The rainbow-colored 2 story building was built by a Chinese businessman, but now it serves as a hub for commercial offices.

6. Mustafa Centre

For cheap shopping, head on to the Mustafa Centre. It is open 24 hours per day and also houses a jewelry store, hotel, catering and, visa and travel agencies.

7. Special Mention:
a. Little India Street Art- The walls of Little India are decorated with stunning wall art that captures the essence of India and life at Little India.
b. Deepavali and Pongal in Little India- The best time to go to Little India is during Deepavali and Pongal when the streets and most beautifully decorated.

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