5 Smart Ways To Carry Cash While Traveling

Travel is a fun and exciting quest! But it’s not easy to roam around the unfamiliar spots and among all the hurdles we face on the practical grounds, carrying cash is the biggest. We all know how important cash is for traveling and even if we tend to keep cards with us there are certain places that we ought to carry some cash and keeping that safe, is a tough job!
Saving money from thieves, not falling victim to money-related scams are big tasks. In the feed, we have compiled 5 smart ways in which you can carry cash safely while traveling. Keep reading!


Split The Cash

Mark this as the rule of carrying cash while traveling. Keep your cash in multiple safe spots rather than keeping all in one place. In that way, you ensure even if the thief wipes out at one spot you have cash in other spots to carry on the voyage smoothly. We hope we made it clear.
Make sure when you’re traveling you’re not carrying all the cash you have along with you rather leave some in the hotel and carry as only what you’ll need. So, this is the first thing you should do if you want to secure your money safe while traveling.


Invest In Under-clothing Storage Accessories

This thing not only applies to cash but also to some important documents and stuff you need while traveling such as passports. You should invest in some accessories that enable you on body storage especially under-clothing. You can invest in neck pouches, or belt bags just to keep the cash and other important stuff safe.
The under-clothing storage is not a good alternative to wallets but for keeping your cash safe while traveling it works fine. Again, make sure you’re not storing all the cash in an under-clothing bag just keep what you’ll not need for the day.


Don’t Show Off

Now let’s talk a little commonsense! Whenever you withdraw money from ATMs be vigilant of your surroundings and don’t show off how much cash you withdrew or you have. If you do so you’re attracting theft and misfortunes on your way.
So, the best way is to stay low-key. And, trust your instincts. If you feel something suspicious do consider it and become more vigilant. This tip will help you in concluding your voyage smoothly overall hence always keep it in mind.


Use Money Alternatives At Crowded Places

In crowded places such as metro stations or billing counters always prefer paying in cards. In that way, you don’t need to take out cash and you won’t attract any sort of theft.
Another advantage of doing so is that some places such as metro stations or shopping places offer you some really good discounts then why not take advantage of it, right? Some destinations in Europe and Asia have pretty cool offers on payment with cards and you should totally avail that.



The best way to keep your cash safe is not to use it. And, if you have bookings made we don’t think you need to take out your wallets at some places. For instance, if you have multi-use metro tickets you don’t need to take out cash each time to avail of a ticket. Similarly, if you’re pre-booking your accommodations, guided tours, adventure sports, or everything possible you don’t even require to take out cash except at some places where you can’t pre-book such as shops and cafes.
Also, bookings are a money-saving deal as you end up paying very less for the same you would have to pay more during peak seasons.

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