5 Most fantastic ways to make your way around the globe for free

5 Most fantastic ways to make your way around the globe for free

Traveling around the world for free feels like that distant dream, which seems impossible and unreachable, however, as surprising as it may sound, you can turn this dream into reality by grabbing the best opportunities while you can. The opportunities in question are more about practicality, and this practical approach will only enable you to travel around the world for free. From getting a job overseas to volunteering for some task, there are innumerable ways to travel the world for free. And the best part about these opportunities is only a couple of them require some experience or education, the remaining ones don’t have any such criteria, making these practical ways the perfect opportunities for those who are seeking adventure in the form of travel.

Some travel opportunities cover accommodation expenses, some cover travel expenses, and some of them cover all the expenditures. Additionally, there are some opportunities that pay you for traveling around the world. Depending upon your choice of destination, you can find a myriad of opportunities in order to get there for free. You just need to know where to look when it comes to finding such opportunities.


House sit or pet sit

One of the easiest ways to get free accommodation wherever you go is by volunteering to house-sit or pet-sit. House-sitting is one of the most fantastic ways to get free accommodation. In house-sitting, the house-sitters are supposed to look after the house and keep it well-maintained for an agreed period of time. In addition to house sitting, you might also be asked to pet-sit, which includes feeding, walking, and basically all the things that the owner does. If you are lucky enough, you may also get paid for this job, which definitely will be of great help.


Get a job on a cruise ship

Another excellent way to travel around the world that too in an extraordinary way is by getting a job on a cruise ship. Traveling on a cruise ship is a one-of-a-kind experience, aside from getting an opportunity to travel for free; you will also get free food and accommodation. Additionally, depending on your job and your employee status, you might also get paid on top of all that. Fitness instructor, cleaning crew, bartender, entertainer, babysitter, etc. are some of the positions cruise ships keep hiring for.


Work as an international nanny

If you think you can handle kids and take good care of them, then you can consider applying for the job of au pair or international nanny. This job will not only cover your accommodation and food expenses, but you will also get paid on top of that. To get you acquainted with the locals, you will be placed with a host family. Some families are considerate and kind enough to offer extra money for travel on some occasions.


Become a flight attendant

A flight attendant is not only a stable job, but it also gives you a chance to travel around the world. In addition to getting a monthly salary, flight attendants also get an extra sum of money to cover food and additional expenses. Additionally, some airlines offer great discounts on leisure travel as a bonus to their flight attendants.


Become an English teacher

If you consider yourself a pro at English, then there can be no better job for you than becoming an English teacher. And if you want to add some fun and adventure to this journey, then you can opt to teach English overseas as a second language. It is a lucrative opportunity which not only offers a travel stipend and free housing, but you will also get paid in the form of a salary on top of all that. The person applying for this job doesn’t necessarily have to have a teaching degree; every country has different requirements for this job.

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