5 Deluxe Hotels for a luxurious stay in Greece

5 Deluxe Hotels for a luxurious stay in Greece

You can head to Greece for all the luxury and vibrant atmosphere and you will get each and every bit of this feel there. It has a plethora of spectacular architectural buildings, hotels, and resorts for your opulent stay. The best experience of every place starts with the place you are staying at and that is why we have listed the best of Greece in these 5 hotels. Have a look at these splendid resorts with the most spectacular views ever!


Perivolas, Santorini

The most luxurious hotel in Greece is located in this gorgeous land of Santorini. This hotel defines opulence in the best way because it is not only a luxury resort of bricks and walls but it also has an amazing vibe to it with infinity pool. With such an exotic view and landscape right from the room, this is your definite pick if you want to enjoy luxury. It is built amidst the cliffs and overlooks peacefully over the Aegean Sea. This view is to die for! This hotel is definitely a unique build because it is carved out from the traditional Santorini Cave homes and thus, is everything about art and architecture. With this feature, it stands out to be one of the most distinctive resorts in Greece. It has a royal touch to it with authenticity because if circular doorways which remind you of the caves, built-in arched recesses for beds as well as a splendid balcony with worthy views. Book this accommodation for the ultimate trip to Santorini.


Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel, Athens

This is another gorgeous hotel in Greece that has the most ultimate vibe to it. It has also undergone a lot of renovation and then, opened its gates to the public for a luxurious stay. The traditional Astir Palace was relaunched as this Four Seasons Hotel and with what grace! If you are looking for an authentic Greek experience, then this is your place to be. Look for fancy guest accommodations while you are on a fun-filled beach vacation. This one offers a lot of services like salon and spa, a list of restaurants serving diverse cuisines as well as exclusive bar shops. The best thing about this resort is that it houses its own private beaches where you can chill in luxury and have the best time of your life. The vibe is truly contagious with a 75-acre land filled with pine trees overlooking the sea. You can have the most amazing time of your trip here with everything at one single stop.


Katikies Hotel, Santorini

The most amazing thing about this luxurious hotel is its structure. The architecture is so unique and gorgeous that you are going to appreciate its beauty first and then walk inside. If you want to admire its beauty, book a room right away and encounter a one-of-a-kind experience. The rooms and suites of this place are spectacular and offer a lot of services. The rooms are bright white with a minimalist feel to them. Suites come with separate living areas and some are two-level also with an additional bar. The view from this place is also breathtaking and so, you can chill on the deck and have a panoramic view of the entire place. Chill on the balcony, dip yourself in the crystal clear waters and relax in this tranquil resort!


Mykonos Grand Hotel

A place where tradition meets contemporary feels! This Grand Hotel in Mykonos is one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece and is known for its unmatched Greek design. The architecture is truly worth visiting for all the right reasons. This is located on the Agios Ioannis beach and is a 5-star beach resort with the most breathtaking views. If you look at it, you will know what kind of beauty we are referring to. It offers the most authentic Greek vibe and is a great place for experiencing their culture. You can choose from a variety of rooms and suites that range from premium and high-end to basics. Choose according to the services you are looking for but no matter what you pick, every experience will be delightful here!


Blue Palace Resort, Crete

If you are looking for a place that will keep you close to nature and will make you feel like you are in paradise, then this it. With a long stretch infinity pool that meets the sea, this hotel is one of the best in Greece. This one is definitely a gem in Greece and will grab your heart for all the right reasons. It boasts this huge pool that ends up meeting the sea and thus, is definitely a heavenly view. Greek archways can be spotted in every hotel and this one too has them as a part of the architecture. Other top-notch services include beachside spa and restaurants with the best vibe. Head to this place and book yourself a room right away!

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