5 Best Reasons To Plan An Itinerary To Japan

5 Best Reasons To Plan An Itinerary To Japan

One of the most striking things that excite the world’s traveler to travel to Japan is the stunning balance of old and new the country keeps. The country is world-renowned for its unrivaled technology and modern edge still the country has preserved its cultural heritage. The country is home to a plethora of incredible monuments and sites including dozens of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fastest transportation, distinctive culture, unique traditions, delectable cuisine, amazing and powerful history, Samurais, and Mt. Fuji, the iconic symbol of the country.
There are endless reasons to visit Japan and that’s the reason why the country is a dream destination for the world’s travelers. Everything is so impressive about the country that a trip to any place of Japan rolls you with an indelible lifetime experience. The vast assortment of temples around the city offers you an utter relaxation that compels you to visit the country more often. From traveling in the world’s fastest Shinkansen trains to taking a dunk in Onsen hot spring, the trip to Japan unwinds you to a whole new and different experience that we are sure you would have never had before.
Here we have listed the top reasons that coerce you to travel to Japan.


Unbelievable Natural Landscapes

The country is bestowed with world-class natural beauty. Though the country is known for its technological advancements but the natural treasures with which the country is blessed are worth admiring. The country has a vast expanse of green mountains and forests that makes the city worth exploring. The finest and raw naturalscape makes the place one of the most beautiful place on the face of the earth. From iconic symbol Mt. Fuji to Arashiyama bamboo forest, Japan has an incredible collection of natural treasures.


Excellent and Fastest Transportation

The transportation system in Japan is the world’s fast transport system with on-time and excellent modes of conveyances for the public. Japan’s well-known and extensive Shinkansen train system is known to be the fastest mode and is operating since 1964.
The other striking feature of the excellent transportation that makes traveling around the country just a flick of the moment is their punctual, on-time, and safe mode the Japanese subway lines. The JaJapanese subway is the most commonly used mode of transportation among the locals and even for the ones who are on a long trip to Japan and want to save some huge bucks!


Delectable Japanese Cuisine

We all love sushi, right? But that’s just an example of how superb the Japanese cuisine is as the Japanese menu is crammed with other exciting and delectable gastronomy that compels you to visit Japan. There are infinite numbers of dishes on the Japanese platter that will guarantee you to water your mouth and stash your stomach to the fullest.
One of the best reasons to travel around the world is to savor the wide and scrumptious flavors and dishes and Japan is worth traveling if food is your reason to travel.


Clean Streets and Pure Air

The air is somewhat different when you step into the country. Fresh, clean, and balmy is how you can define the country’s atmosphere. The air offers you complete relaxation. Another striking reason to visit Japan is that the country is the cleanest in the world. You’ll be amazed when you’ll see the clean and sparkling Japanese streets. Every corner of the country is spotless.


Polite and Friendly Locals

Japanese have a world reputation of being extremely polite and generous. So, if you face any problem even though you may pose a language barrier in communication still they are readily available to help you out.

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