5 best countries to visit in Asia

5 best countries to visit in Asia

Asia is considered as one of the best continents that one could visit. The list of things that could be done there is never-ending, but mostly it is widely known for its delectable cuisines, different cultures, beautiful attractions and plenty of tourist spots with each country having different geography, food, culture, and many more things. If we start counting the number of countries present in Asia then that would be too many to consider and choosing amongst those countries would be a difficult task in itself. Therefore, to make this easy we have picked the top 5 countries that can be visited in Asia. 


Topping the list is Japan, one of the most advanced and organized countries. The country has always stayed true to its root yet it is the most modernized country with implementing a number of advanced techniques and technologies to further their growth and development. That being said Japan is indeed one of the most beautiful countries to visit. The country is a mix of everything, one can get a plenty of opportunities to connect with their traditional cultures. Talking about the tourist attractions, there are a number of beautiful places that one could visit and can gives their eyes a sight to behold for a long time. Japan is also known for its ancient history, so one could also visit these ancient buildings to know their history. From breathtaking sight seeing to a whole lot of adventure and not to forget the delicious food, one can never run out of things to do when visiting this country. 


Singapore is known as the most modernized city in South East’s Asia. It has become one of the top spots for the tourists to visit. The country is known for its westernized and eastern style combination. It is very travel friendly, and one wouldn’t need a personal vehicle to explore the city as people can have an easy access to public transports. Tour buses are also accessible for the tourists visiting to all the major attractions. The weather there remains pleasant most of the time so one wouldn’t need to think of the best time to visit the country. There are a lot of tourist attractions that can be visited like the historical buildings, beaches in the east coast and many other things. The tourists can be left amazed with the amount of parks, tropical greenery and nature present in the city. Singapore is also known for its delectable cuisines and night life.


India, widely known for its diverse culture is a country to be visited for its ancient history, cultural variations, heritage, traditions, food and of course all the major tourist attractions. Having always been known for its culture diversity, there are different states with each state following their culture and traditions. Top tourist places to be visited in India are Delhi (the Capital of India), Mumbai, Jaipur etc. and can also visit famous historical monuments like Taj mahal, Red fort etc. India is also known for its spicy food, which again is available in different sorts of variety. The weather here ranges from hot to very cold, totally depending upon the location. It is best visited between the month of October-March.


Thailand has become one of the favorite tourist spots for many of the tourists since last few years, major attractions being food and the weather. It is a very budget friendly country and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. One can certainly enjoy themselves by diving along the coastline. Temples are the major attractions in thailand with Buddhist preaches. There are many tourist places that can be visited like Bangkok, Pattaya etc. where once can enjoy the night life and the delicious food at the same time. This country is best visited between the months of November and April.


Vietnam is mostly known for its delicious food. The food here tastes really fresh and is considered to be good for health. Famous foods being spring rolls, pho etc. Vietnam is widely known for its diversity in culture and beautiful landscapes. Vietnam is also known to be the best coffee producer in the world. There are many tourist spots that can be explored when in Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, ha long bay etc. the best time to visit the country is in between the month of February to April.

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