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5 Best Breathtaking Attractions Of Madagascar 

Madagascar is a wonderful world of natural beauty. From tropical beauty to the natural exotic environment, Madagascar offers you diverse greenery that you can see. Madagascar is an epic land of African history. And, this impressive land is also known as “Red island”. You can discover the fantastic natural beauty and wildlife of Madagascar.

The gigantic island is the fourth biggest in the world. The most interesting fact about Madagascar is the magnetic area for travelers and for the wildlife explorers. For the warm weather lovers, they can relax in the exotic beaches of Madagascar. This paradise of wildlife offers you breathtaking attractions to discover. So, keep your attention on this travel blog and know about the top locations of Madagascar, where you can enjoy your holiday time.

Relax In The Exotic Ifaty Beach 

Ifaty is a very popular coastal area of Madagascar where you can experience beach vibes and cool weather of coastlines. You can enjoy serene peace near the blue water of the beach. As we know Madagascar is known to be a south jewel, therefore the beauty of Madagascar is also beautiful. You can go for diving and snorkeling for watching the gorgeous coral reefs in the ocean. For travelers, the local citizens of Ifaty offer them delicious water seafood. Also, you can rejoice your time relaxing on the warm sand of Ifaty beach.

Majestic Land Of Baobabs 

As we know that Madagascar is very admired for its round bubbly Baobabs trees, therefore you can capture the enormity of the beauty of baobabs in the region of Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the western zone of Madagascar. This province is the most astounding scenic place for every tourist. Therefore, capturing the beauty of massive Baobabs trees is like a true treasury. Thus, do remember to visit majestic lands of Baobabs and capture their edgy natural beauty in your camera.

Capture The Dramatic Beauty Of Tsigny Of Bemaraha

This jaw-dropping dramatic natural reserve is located in the southern region of Madagascar. This magical reserve features an extensive vastness of dark mangrove forests. The natural park is abode to various species of lemur as well as the Deckens sifaka. The tall gigantic view of spiked limestones is the legendary natural history surviving in the present time. The Tsigny of Bemaraha is one of the glorified attractions in the list of UNESCO heritage sites.

Wild Surroundings Of Ranomafana National Park

This the magical land of rich tropical flora and fauna. This forest area spread across an area of 400Kms in Madagascar. This place is one of the most admired natural national parks in the world. You can enjoy a relaxing bath under the hot water of waterfalls. The most interesting thing about this national park is, this is the home of many animals and birds species, and also you can find endangered species of golden lemur. Therefore, plan up a trip to this majestic national park and discover the wonderful Mother Nature’s beauty.

Explore the Royal Hill Of Ambohimanga

This is one of the most sacred and ancient historical lands of Madagascar. This is the abode of many ancient historical villages. And, this is the burial and ritual site where you can explore the local life of the royal city. This is a popular ritual city that has preserved the history of the Past 500 years. Therefore, you can visit this place to explore the scared and spiritual rituals of old Madagascar. This area is like a scared magical destination unknown to every tourist.

So, these were the top 5 locations of Madagascar, where you experience the true wild beauty of Africa. Therefore, pack your bags and book your flight to Madagascar and discover the unseen tropical treasury.

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