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10 Foods To Must Try In Norway

Norway is known for its amazing natural beauty such as mountain ranges, glaciers and also the colorful villages. But one thing that you should not miss out on your trip to Norway is the tasting of different food items. The Norway cuisine consists of some of the best delicacies and you should surely try a few of the at least.

Here is a list of 10 foods to must try in Norway.

Tube Caviar

It is quite known that the place is all about fishes. But there are a number of different ways how you can experience them and one of them is the tubed caviar. Caviar is available here in tubes and you will find them flavored with a number of options such as a spread of soft cheese or so. If you are going out for a trip somewhere, you can easily get these tubes in your bag.


This is another easy to carry food items that the people in Norway love to have. This is mainly sweetened flatbread that is buttered and then rolled. The Norwegians love to have this with a cup of coffee.

Pickled Herring 

As mentioned before, Norway is very much about fishes and this can be proven by a number of fish items that are there to explore. One of them is the pickled herring and is said to be one of the most favorite ones during Christmas. This is normally eaten by keeping it on the top of a read and comes up with different sauces such as simple vinegar, mustard, tomato, sherry, and many others.


It is said that the Spanish brought this way of eating fish to the country. The cod fish is dried, boiled and then pressed in the mashed potatoes to serve. Though it may sound a bit weird for the people in other parts of the world, it is surely a must try food items while you are in Norway.


You will find these berries in almost all the buffet counters of berries in Norway. These berries are mainly not grown commercially and hence you will mostly find then during the summers when it is their harvest season. These pink looking berries are a great option of desserts in Norway and is often served with whipped cream.


This is a hearty meal of sheep rib that is served for the Christmas Eve. The salted dish is mainly from the west coast valleys where the sheep is found in surplus. The salty flavor of the dish is balanced by the sweetness of Kohlrabi that is served along with this dish only.

Norwegian Waffles

You must have tasted waffles quite a time by now. But have you ever thought to have an authentic one? If you are in Norway, do not miss out this opportunity to have a bite of the authentic Norwegian waffles. This golden colored heart shaped waffles are served hot and with a number of flavors of your choice.


These resemble the pancakes from America but are made up of a bit different recipe. It is s recipe from the west coast and it reached out to the cities of Norway somewhere around 40 years back. It is now a great delicacy to have in the afternoons with a cup of coffee. It can be served either with butter or with a tab of syrup on it. But the main thing is that it needs to be eaten warm else it may lose out its actual flavors and fragrance.


Salmons are an important part of the Norwegian culinary. There are a number of ways how these salmons are presented such as smoked and also by preparing a very famous recipe Gravlaks. If you are looking for this amazing recipe, you can find them in many of the restaurants that serve breakfast. Even if you have missed out the breakfast, you may find them in the restaurants that have set up buffet separately for the salmon dishes. The buttery fish is a delicacy in Norway because it is a perfect thing for the chilly weather of the country.


This is another great delicacy that the Norway people love. Flour is mixed with mashed potato to get small balls and then these balls are cooked in pork or sheep stock. The dish is most commonly served with bacon that is thickly cut. You will find out this recipe in most of the restaurants as they serve this mainly during the afternoons.

Norwegians love to eat and their love for food has brought up a number of dishes in their restaurants. Apart from the food items that are mentioned above, there are also a number of others that can be tried out such as Hot Dogs, Brown Cheese, Rakfish, Bergensk fiskesuppe, Smalahove, Reindeer meat, Matpakke, and many others to go for.

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