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10 Best Rail Journeys In India

When it comes up to beautiful train journeys, there are a number of places that comes to minds such as Switzerland, Japan, and many others. But when you talk about India, there are a number of hidden gems that will surely make you say ‘Wow’ after you get a trip in them.

The Golden Chariot

If you wish to spend money, come to India and the most expensive train journeys will surely make you do that. The train runs in between Bangalore to Goa and offers you an amazing and unforgettable experience of inside the train as well as the outside view that you can explore sitting by the cabin window.

Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey

Wish to experience how the Rajput kings were treated? You should have a trip of the Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey that travels from Mumbai to Delhi through Rajasthan. Get served with the best of dishes and drinks while you peep out of the window to enjoy the thrilling views. It is all about royalty that is spilled all over in this train and hence you need to empty your pockets to be on this train.

The Toy Train

If you are in Darjeeling, you should not miss out the Toy Train. The train runs on a track that has been created cutting edges of the mountain and hence you can explore the real beauty of the place.

Mandovi Express

The Konkan Railways offer an amazing treat to those who are traveling from Goa to Mumbai. The train crosses about 92 tunnels and hundreds of bridges while offering you a thrilling train journey.

Island Express

The train covers a distance in between Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. During the journey, what you view are the palm trees and the grassy fields that are typical in the regions of Kerala. You can notice forests in between which you can find life breathing in people involved in various activities.

Himalayan Queen

The Himalayan Queen starts from Kalka in Haryana and reaches Shimla in Himachal Pradesh after crossing 87 bridges, 102 tunnels, and many curves. What you can view on the trip are flower gardens, waterfalls, and many such natural beauties.

Goa Express

The train is one of the best experiences if you are traveling from Goa to Karnataka. It takes you across the fresh environment of Goa and you can even touch some of the creepers when the train crosses some of the close encounters with such plants en route. Other things that you can view are mountains, waterfalls, and village life on your way.

Nizamuddin Duronto Express

This is one of the non-stop trains that India has got. With only a couple of major stations, the train does not stop anywhere else while traveling in between Pune and New Delhi. Since you are on the train, the services start from snacks to meals and others, just to pamper you while you are traveling.

Jammu Mail

Constructed in the foothills of the Himalayas, Jammu Mail covers up the distance from Jammu to Udhampur. Apart from the various tunnels and bridges, the train cross across some of the amazing view that will surely make you feel go all smiles.

Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express

This train consists technically of two trains and it travels from New Jalpaiguri to Assam. Along with the typical Indian Rajdhani services, the journey also offers you a view of the tea plantations, green paddy and others through your windows.

Trains are amazing and this can be proven absolutely while you are here in India. Just choose the right one and you will love it.

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