10 Best Beaches In The World

10 Best Beaches In The World

When it comes to holidaying across the coast, the first picture that swims in the mind is that of sandy beaches, waves, and the sun. If you are very much a beach person, there are many of them to explore across the world.

It will be quite difficult to exactly pick up the best ones; still, the list here has tried to do a bit of justice in naming some of the best beaches in the world.


Brazil always reminds of the sunny weather and the amazing beaches. Hence, it has to be on the top. The Baia do Sancho is one of the most beautiful beaches across the world with its golden sand. The place can be visited all through the year and is best for various adventures such as scuba diving and others.


Fiji is appropriate for almost all types of beach lovers. There are as many as 333 islands and beaches. If you wish to snorkel, you can head towards a particular beach. Similar, if you are someone looking for some peace, you can get through a number of castaway beaches in Fiji.


Caicos and Turks have a number of such beaches that are known for their soft sandy experience and also luxurious stay. There are resorts just a walk away from the beaches such as Grace Bay and you can have an amazing time spent here.


Are you a beach lover as well as a foodie? This can be the perfect destination for you. The beaches here in Tahiti offer you a beach experience along with amazing French cuisine served. Have a trip to the beach La Plage De Maui and you will enjoy crystal clear water and sparkling sand.

United States

Unites States is filled with some lovely beaches. One of them can be Siesta Beach. The turquoise color of the water is due to the existence of Quartz here. The beach is located near the Sarasota city and the special feature is that it stays cool even when the temperature is soaring.

Bora Bora

When you talk about beaches, one name that surely comes up is that of Bora Bora. The place is packed with amazing natural elements such as lovely beaches, green forests and combined with luxurious resorts. If you take a trip to the Matira beach, get a sea-facing bungalow and your vacation is all set.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands, India 

Coral reefs and sugar white sand is all that makes this beach amazingly beautiful. The Radhanagar Beach of the Havelock islands in Andaman and Nicobar of India attracts a large number of tourists because of its beautiful beach bordered by dense forest. People come here to witness coral reefs and for snorkeling.


How can you forget the Maldives when you are talking about beaches? The palm trees, the blue water and the resorts built in the sea water offer a stunning view here. Wish to enjoy some great life? Visit the beaches of Maafushi or Rasdhoo.


If you are in Greece, you should definitely visit the Elafonisi Beach. The rocky beach is paired up with pink and white sand and offers a great contrast to the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.


The Thai island is all time known for adventure. You can try out visiting beaches such as Kamala to experience the best adventure by the sea beach.

So, choose your beach destination and make up your plans with your sunscreen, sunglasses and that bikini of your wardrobe ready.

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